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grumpybear's Avatar grumpybear 02:40 AM 07-14-2010
I was wondering if you can speak/understand Tagalog?
If so, what helped you? Is the Rosetta Stone investment worth it?

albafan15's Avatar albafan15 07:59 PM 06-15-2011
no I dated a guy who wasof fillipino descent at one point but he spoke english we'd exchange some of our words. Mine polish. His tagolog. It only lasted 9 wks anyway.
kittyhead's Avatar kittyhead 07:31 AM 06-21-2011

omg no not at all.  my inlaws each speak a seperate dialect not tagalog but either way i dont know much at all and they never taught their kids to speak their language. unfortunately they refuse to teach my kids, too.  we just know food words and the kids know what pasalubong means.  good luck, ive never been very talented at languages.  my inlaws each speak a couple, and i find it very impressive!