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foodmachine's Avatar foodmachine 02:03 PM 11-27-2010

English is the minority language in our family and while we are thinking of introducing computer play to DD I figure we might as well do it in English. Any recs? TIA.

la mamita's Avatar la mamita 03:29 PM 11-27-2010
free games if you have internet:
www.starfall.com (phonics)

those are the three my son uses frequently.
we also bought Reader Rabbit on CD and like that.
JuniperBCN's Avatar JuniperBCN 01:25 PM 11-29-2010

Seconding PBS kids and Starfall.  Jump around the shows to the games,  My 4 yo has liked stuff on Curious George a lot and was into the PBS Kids Island for a while.  They had video as well, but now aren't broadcasting out of the US, but you can download a lot via iTunes.  The screen has been super helpful in reinforcing English which is also one our minority language... and you're in Sweden so you don't have to contend with so much dubbing!


Also, if you much around in the homeschooling forums, there's a thread active right now about free games for a 5 year old