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widemouthedfrog's Avatar widemouthedfrog 06:06 PM 08-22-2011

I've seen a lot of good hair care ideas here, and since I'm at a loss as to where to post this question I'm taking the leap into this area!


My daughter has fine, somewhat curly/wavy hair. I have straight hair that never needs brushing. Hers needs brushing constantly, and still it pulls out. I'm looking for an oil or a leave in conditioner that I can use before I brush her hair to minimize the pulling and the time it takes to brush.


Any thoughts? Natural if possible, of course!
Thank you.




thanneaKS's Avatar thanneaKS 12:57 PM 08-24-2011

I like coconut oil. You can find scented coconut oil at an Indian store, unscented with the oils in the food section of  WalMart.  I rub a small amount between my hands and rub it into the hair just after washing.  I then blow-dry the hair, at least partially, so the oil absorbs.  This makes the hair soft and easy to handle without leaving a greasy look. 

matte's Avatar matte 01:01 PM 08-24-2011

A friend of mine who has very lush extremely curly hair swears by a scalp massage with olive oil followed by brushing the a natural bristle brush. Why not try it? You likely have olive oil in the house, won't cost you but a 1/2 tablespoon...

widemouthedfrog's Avatar widemouthedfrog 01:53 PM 08-24-2011

Good ideas, both! I want to avoid weighing down her hair since it is also thin, but no harm in trying. Worst case scenario, we wash it out.



matte's Avatar matte 03:34 PM 08-24-2011

Use a lot less? Rub a tiny bit into your hands, so they are just lightly moisturized, then work into hair...