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Glimmersnaps's Avatar Glimmersnaps 05:28 PM 02-05-2012

I'd like to buy a baby doll for my niece, who will be a big sister later this year. She has light-ish olive skin but black hair and brown eyes. I'd like to find a baby that looks similar to her (and her future sibling) any suggestions??


Also, anyone know of good black dolls (doesn't have to be a baby) that have natural hair?



queenjane's Avatar queenjane 09:21 AM 02-06-2012

I like this site: although i've never actually bought anything from them, but i love looking at their dolls, they have an extensive collection.


There is also this site by a mom who had been turning her daughter's barbie dolls into dolls who rock their natural hairstyles (using a method where you wrap the hair a certain way and then dip in boiling water or something? you could probably find the directions online) and was encouraged to start selling them since not everyone wants to do it themselves: . She always has interesting dolls available sporting all sorts of unique hairstyles.


There is also another website i found:

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