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I'm of Japanese (mother), French, Scottish, English and Dutch ancestry (last 4 are my father's), and my DH is Japanese-American (4th generation).

Neither DH or I speak much Japanese. Some polite phrases, food words, and some curse words. All but 1 of our 6 Japanese grandparents are/were second generation (Nisei)... my grandmother immigrated in the early 1950s. She met Grandpa when he was serving in the army in Occupied Japan during the Korean Conflict. My mother and her brothers all speak some Japanese (not exactly fluent), but my in-laws and their siblings don't for the most part.

My mother and her siblings are/were all married to or partnered with Caucasians, despite my grandmother making her opinion that they should marry other Nikkei quite clear... to the point of disowning my mother for a while after she married my dad (only her sister visiting from Japan made her change her mind).

My in-laws are much more culturally Japanese than my mother's family is, there have been some growing pains for us. I'm familiar enough with Japanese culture to where most things I'm used to, but occasionally there's something that comes up that throws me for a loop... like my in-laws having a butsudan in the house.

Until fairly recently, my oldest 2 didn't realize that my red haired, blue eyed father wasn't Japanese. LOL
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I am white American and my DH is English. We met in Germany and now live in London with our 22mo DD, and another on the way. Even though we speak the same language there are enough cultural differences to keep things interesting, to say the least.

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I'm west indian (black american) and my bf is white. We're not married yet, but looks like it might be heading that way . Very excited about this forum
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I too just noticed this forum, since I usually hang out on the TTC boards. I am a northern European blend, identify as white American. DH is Chinese (we think with a little Russian mixed in) and is supposed to become a US citizen very very soon. Hoping for kids, and hoping we can raise them bilingual, which means I need to work on my Mandarin! Also hoping to move to China for a while in the next couple of years.
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Originally Posted by chicaalegre View Post
I speak English to dd, and dh agrees that he should speak Spanish to her, but he often forgets or just speaks English anyway. It's frustrating, because his English is far from fluent and my Spanish is far from fluent, so I really want us both to speak our native languages so she learns them correctly. I guess I'm not that worried about it, but I don't want her to be confused.

In terms of culturally mixing our families, we plan to celebrate American and Mexican traditional holidays, foods, customs, etc. I would really like to find other Latino families in our area so that dd has other Spanish-speaking friends, but dh tends to be very mistrusting of other Mexican immigrants and doesn't want us to.
Interesting. My dh and I have had these same issues. I'm from the US and he is Mexican, or rather, was, as he is now a citizen here. We've been together 12 years and have been very flexible with respect to language and the kids. They learn bit by bit and have a tendency to speak in the language of the speaker to respond. We travel to Mexico every year and they learn heaps while we're there. We had to learn each other's languages, which took a long time, but we did it! The suspicion that your husband has of other Mexicans is so Mexican, if that makes sense. We don't associate with others for the same reason. I have discovered that there are reasons for that, but I don't want to hijack the thread!
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Great forum!

I'm a white American with mostly European ancestry (English and Scottish, primarily). My husband is American-born Vietnamese. I have an older son by a previous marriage to a white man. My "forever" husband and I just had a baby daughter together 5 months ago. Joe and I have been together ever since my son was a year old, so he's "daddy" in my son's eyes, though my son does have a good relationship with his biological father, too.

So, we have a mix in our family. There aren't many families like ours in the area where we live. We do have friends (2 other couples) who are like us, though: white and Vietnamese with mixed children. I don't notice looks when we're out-and-about, but my husband does. I guess I don't care enough what people think to notice their looks!

I am looking forward to the trip to Vietnam that our family will be taking in 2 years. Part of me would like to wait, though, until DD is old enough to remember it. But, I'd like my son to see where part of his baby sister's roots are from. And DH has never even been to Vietnam, so he'd enjoy it immensely. I'm sure we'll go again one day when DD is older, too.

DH is going to buy Rosetta Stone Vietnamese for DS and I to use during homeschooling (we're going to start this summer with a "trial run", then will probably do homeschooling "for real" at the start of his 6th grade year). I think it would be fun for DS and I to do together. I've tried to learn in the past, but Vietnamese is SO DIFFERENT! I've always been horrible at learning other languages! Wish me luck!

Shannon ~ SAHM/W to Noah (12), Reagan (2) and DH Joe (12 years)
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Quick intro...
DP and I are both white american -
I'm Jewish, been in US many generations, generally from eastern europe;
She's Catholic, and her family refers to themselves as wester european mutts... mostly they think of themselves as being from St Louis.
DS is African American and came into our family through domestic adoption.

Looking forward to adding this forum to my regular MDC rounds!
- Cyndi
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Yay for this forum!

About moi:
I'm bi-racial, born in Québec. Mother is québécois French with a smidge of Irish in her heritage. Father is Vietnamese with a smidge of Mongolian somewhere in his heritage. I grew up speaking French, but having been thrown into English daycare, I quickly became bilingual. In a way, I grew up at the cross-roads of three very different cultures: the Québéecois, the English Canadian culture and the Vietnamese. It was always very tough for me, especially with the Vietnamese culture, because I really felt like I didn't belong (I still don't speak the language except for food and baby talk!).

My DH look like a regular white dude. His mother is Tchekoslovakian gypsy, and his biological father was French, but his adoptive father was Norwegian. He definitely identifies more with the Norwegian culture than with the French (in fact, he's got a bit of bias when it comes to the French!), most likely because he spent over a year living in Norway when he was 16.

DH has a son whose mother is Caucasian, and we're expecting a little girl who'll be a true blue blender mix of cultures. With DSS, we've tried very hard to expose him to different traditions and cultures. We celebrate Têt, the Lunar New Year, and DSS is very comfortable eating all kinds of Viet, Chinese, Thai, and Japanese food.

For our daughter, we plan on using the OPOL technique so that she learns French from me and English from DH and DSS. She will be attending French school b/c of the laws that exists here in Québec, but I would like to have her learn as many languages as possible, if she's so inclined. Being bilingual (there was a time where I danced/taught tango and spoke decent Spanish), has opened so many doors for me; I want my child to have those same opportunities.

tranmama...good luck learning Viet! It's tough one to learn but in a way, it's simpler. The verbs are all imperative with suffixes or prefixes to indicate tense!
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I'm so excited about this forum!!!

I'm white and american but still have family back in the old country (england). My dh is filipino american (half and half) and his parents divide their time between the US and the PI.

We are raising ds spanish/english bilingual (I speak spanish, dh does not) and are hoping for a third language (mil's filipino language - pampangan) to get some traction in our home in the future. Dh does not speak his mom's language, and that loss makes us very sad.

We are hoping for ds to be fully bilingual, native spanish and english speaker, and fully literate in both. We would be thrilled for ds to be conversational in pampangan.
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Oops, I ended up doing an introduction post on another thread so I'm double posting.

My three oldest are biracial (black/white). We live in rural Nebraska (town of 12K, county seat, but still pretty rural). I met my exh at college. After college we moved to Kansas City. But after I got pregnant with my 3rd when my first was not even 3, and my exh got fired from his job that provided health insurance, we moved to nebraska to live with my parents until we figured out what to do.

We didn't really expect to stay in this rural area, but my exh got a job in a town just 30 min from my parents, we ended up qualifying for a loan from the Rural Housing Development, and voila, here we stay. Once my kids started school, I didn't really want to move them. Yes, there isn't much diversity here (though they aren't the only biracial kids, there are some AA kids, + some asian kids), but they've grown up with the people they go to school with. People don't think of them as "those black kids that just moved in" which would be my fear if we moved. My oldest, almost 17, has a great set of dreds and has been asked in a nearby bigger town if the girls he was talking to could take a picture of his hair. It's very weird.

We STILL get comments. We do still experience racism. After I remarried and had 2 lily white kids the differences I experience depending on which "family" I'm out with are striking.

And though I'm a huge Obama supporter, I'm afraid to put up an Obama sign or bumper sticker for fear of vandalism. And I don't want to put my teenagers through that. At our local caucus I overheard someone shouting "A vote for the darkie is a vote for McCain," and "If Obama was meant to be president it wouldn't be called the White House." Oh, so clever. Hah. Obama still won my local caucus.

My challenges as a parent of biracial kids is different than it was when I was also part of an interracial relationship. It was much more in my face, I felt, when I was married to a black man. Now people assume my kids are adopted, at least, that's what many people ask.

I worry about my teens future. They are not familiar in any way with black culture. My ex has never taken them to meet his family (an 8 hour drive). They've grown up with a white mom, white step father, white step siblings, white grandparents. I do my best, but I've never been out of the midwest myself so .. well. ya know. I'm not the best source of info either. My oldest daughter (15) worries too. She's told me that she worries that when she goes away to college she's going to be pigeonholed.

Life's a changing though. My dh, my 2 youngest, and my 13 year old (maybe) are moving this summer because I'm going to law school. My two oldest want to stay here with their father and my parents to finish high school (can't say I blame them) but they'll be visiting me in my new, hopefully more diverse, area (unsure where that'll be just yet).

Sorry bout the book. I'm really excited to see this forum! Not sure how I missed it was here for 3 weeks!
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I was/am a third culture kid http://

I didn't live in the U.S. until I was 17, and was multi-lingual. Have lost most of my languages, but can still read a few. I had a huge culture shock moving to the U.S., and I am not really over it yet.

I am caucasian (Italian/Dutch), and have an African American daughter.

Yay, multi-cultural forum!

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I'm not sure if we're really multi-cultural or not. I grew up a south-western American Protestant, DH's family is New England Irish Catholic. Neither of us identify as Christian anymore though. We are living in Germany, our kids are learning German. DH lived in Kenya for a year and would love for them to learn Swahili, but he's lost most of it. We are looking for job oppurtunities that will take us to that part of the world. I'm trying to expose our kids to Spanish, so they won't be lost when we go back to MY home, but I'm not really fluent.

Mom of 4 aspiring midwife "Friend"ly seeker
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I'm very happy to have found this forum!

I am a white American, raised without religion (unless folk humanism is a religion?) married to a Lebanese guy (raised in a liberal Muslim family) who moved to the US as an adult. We live in the US.

We are planning to have a baby within the next year or so, and I think a lot about how to pass on my husband's culture to our child. We speak mostly English to each other, and some Arabic. We're veg*n and have our own hybrid culture that includes includes music, food, dance, literature and values from Lebanon as well as from the US. (In reality, I guess all couples have a unique hybrid culture, regardless of cultural origins.)

One of the biggest challenges we face in the "outside world" is just total lack of understanding of and too many assumptions about his culture. I worry a little about the racism any child of ours will face in the US and the West. Yet overall I feel our diversity will enrich our child's and our lives.

Mama to a bilingual (Arabic/English) and cuddly 3 year old, and planning another peaceful homebirth in June.

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I just noticed this forum was here today.
I'm half Puerto Rican, a quarter Native and a quarter French. DH is Irish and Norwegian. Our DS has blonde hair and green eyes like his daddy and DD has brown hair and darker skin like me (too young to tell what color her eyes will be yet).
Most of DH's family is very rascist and didn't always accept me entirely (with the exception of his sister, who is married to a man of color and is a very close friend of mine). We don't see that part of the family or allow them around our children.
My father was born in Puerto Rico and moved here when he was 5 with my grandparents. He learned to speak english when he was in his teens.
I speak French but not much Spanish. We all spoke English growing up in my household and I took French for 7 years in school.
Nice to meet you all.

Mama to DS (3/7/06)om.gif, DSD  hearts.gif(11/17/02), DD (1/16/08 )energy.gif ,  DS2 (5/30/10) sleepytime.gif and Baby Quinn angel.gif (R.I.P 3/22/13)

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I'm an American with Chinese and European orgins living in Italy with my Italian DH. We've got 2 dd's - one who is completely bilingual

Great forum!!
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I'm so glad this forum is here and hope to get to know you all.

I am white American and my DH is African-American. We've got two beautiful kids: 4yo DS and 2yo DD. We live in Portland, OR, an accepting but not so diverse city, IMO. However, we moved from NJ seven+ years ago and our families are far away on the other coast.
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Hi there! I'm WilliamsMama from NYC and I'm glad to see this forum here on MDC! I was beginning to wonder how much diversity was here on MDC.

I'm 37, half Korean and half Black and DH is Assyrian and Scottish.
Our DS is a wonderful mix of both of us, although he does look mostly like me.

I grew up in very multicultural environments and am glad that my son is, too.

Sheila, mother to William and Min Hee, wife of David
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I'm Canadian, my partner is Turkish and my son, C. (5) is American. I'm an expat living in the USA. My son was born here (USA). Partner is currently in Turkey. We have spent several month long vacations in Turkey, but that is all the exposure he has had, well, besides being with his father and another turkish friend.

Partner doesn't speak Turkish too him, at least not as much as I would have liked him too. Son tells his French teacher that he can count in Turkish and then he makes up words. Its cute.

At one time I found a thread on MDC discussing parenting and multi cultural families and was very interested in reading other peoples experiences so am happy to see this forum finally got approved!


Sara - Mum to C (10/02) ; m/c 10/07; 7/08; 3/09; Lucy Olive Feb 28, 2010 !
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Howdy all!

I'm white and DH is Japanese/chamarro (Guamanian). DH was born and raised on Guam and came over to the states when he was 15. His mom is Japanese and his dad is half Chamarro and half Japanese. His older sisters were both born in Japan.

We have two kids that look multiethnic. They have the Asian eyes but lighter hair instead of DH's family black. They have darker skin than I do but in the summer they turn a lovely brown shade due to having pacific islander in them.

I bugged DH for a long time to only speak to the kids in Japanese but he gave up early on. I guess he expected immediate results ha ha! All the Japanese the kids know I taught them . My FIL (MIL passed away) visits from Japan once a year and the kids get all kinds of fun treats.

My DD loves the new Ni Hao show. It kind of bums me out that there are no Japanese kid shows.
Yikes! I'm writing a book!


I'm so glad this forum finally made it!!
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Great to see this forum and the huge diversity around!
I'm Dutch, dh is Philippino. We met in the US and lived there for 10 years (not all of it together), ds1 was born there. Then we moved to Belgium, where ds2 was born.
At home we speak mostly English, although dh's Dutch is getting much better. Now he's even studying French since he works in the French speaking part of the country. Ds1 is bilingual with a preference for Dutch. Ds2 says about 5 words in each language, definitely understands both. Dh tried to speak Tagalog with the kids for a while but didn't keep it up unfortunately. We'll be visiting his family this summer - I wonder if they'll pick up some. They all speak English pretty well, tho, so maybe not.
Looking forward to seeing more on this forum!

mama to my August boys ('03 & '06)
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I just want to give a brief intro because I am happy to have this forum. Myself, I am a heinz 57 (at least that was my mom's nic-name for my sister and me.) On her side, her father is straight up white blonde scandinavian, and her mother is lapp, or Sami, "eskimo" from the northern tip of scandinavia. My father's side is Jewish with his father's half from eastern Europe and his mother's half from the middle east.

Either way. I have never identified as a white american person, and based on all the ridicule I faced growing up, no one else identified me as that either.

My first husband was native American. But we are divorced now and he lives a block down the street. My current husband is whitey mcwhitey and we struggle a bit, but I am growing and learning to understand and love this part of my life.

I live in a very multicultural area (by choice) and feel uncomfortable in other places, but some of these other places I hope to be more comfortable with because I don't want to live in this house forever.

And yeah MDC for finally giving in and giving this forum!!
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Really cool forum! I am Bulgarian, came to the US at 20 with my family and now a US citizen. DH is Chinese American, and also 1/8 Vietnamese and 1/16 Japanese. We have 3 bio kids who look very half-Asian and look more alike than like either of us, and one adopted DD who is Bulgarian Roma (gypsy) but looks a lot like both of us (has DH's skin tone and my features).

I tried to speak Bulgarian to each of the kids for their first few years but gave up when they became increasingly fluent in English, and in fact, DH who is extremely fluent in Bulgarian, persevered further before giving up too... We have been living in an area with very few other Bulgarians so it would have been hard to have any sort of immersion. We go to Bulgaria every couple of years but somehow our kids manage to find other English speaking kids or teach their Bulgarian cousins English...

Culturally, we incorporate traditions from both. We think it is fun for the kids to do this. DH knows more about the current Bulgarian culture than I do. He keeps up with music developments, politics, etc. My mother said not too long ago that he is more Bulgarian than we are...

Nice to meet so many other mixed families!!
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This is so nice!!
I'm Afghan/Azeri(Azerbaijan), I was born in Kabul, actually, i was the last child of my Afghan family to be born in Afghanistan, by late 1984 all my paternal family established in Uruguay and Paraguay, my younger siblings where born in Montevideo. I grew up speaking Dari and Azeri at home and Spanish outside. We had the one parent one language thing. My family converted into Christianity in 1987, but we where raised to love and respect our roots, I'm proud to be Afghan, and al my maternal family is in Azerbaijan and growing up we visit them 2 or even 3 times a year.
In terms of how i look, i'm blonde, some people don't believe me that i'm the mix that i am becuase i'm blonde: hmm, they are even red headed people in Afghanistan. I have green eyes, they're big you know bushy blonde eyebrows, gotta love them!!!
My DH is South African, he has Afrikaans as 1st language, English as 2nd language and Zulu as 3rd, his mother taught him Zulu even though she's actually of Dutch herritage.
My babies where all born in Namibia, they are fluent in English(with that cute accent), Afrikaans, Dari and some Azeri here at home, while in school my older girls speak mostly German with her peers(as German is a main language in Namibia), while in classes they have English and some Spanish, the twins will eventually pick German when they go in school. I mostly use Dari with them and some Azeri for fun, though it should0t be for fun, DD1 tells me that we should speak Spanish to eachother, she says she like my accent.
I'm glad there's this multicultrual forum!!
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I am a white Canadian and my husband is Filipino (born and raised in the Philippines - I was at his Canadian citizenship ceremony when we were dating!). Our daughter Aly is the perfect blend of both of us looks-wise. Because my husband only speaks Tagalog when he talks to his family (once/week), he's not planning on teaching Aly his native tongue. We try to incorporate some Tagalog words into our day-to-day life, though, just for color!
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I am a dark skinned black Caribbean(jamaican, st. thomian, bahamian, dominican) woman and my DF is a Mexican man. I am preggo with our #1. Both my sig other and I speak English and Spanish(he more fluent than I) but i also speak some Russian from my previous engagement, and some Japanese which i just started learning. When the baby gets here i want it to be well rounded and educated in its speaking skills and understanding me. I tend to switch between English, Spanish and Russian, depending on the mood im in!! Does anyone think that this will confuse the child? Maybe they wont speak it and thats fine but i want them to understand me with no problem. Am i worrying too much?
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DH (US born) and I (French born; 20+ yrs in US) cover just about every country in Western Europe in terms of heritage. I am literate in French, English and Italian and DH English only. We use the OPOL method with DS; I try to remember to use only French with him and DH naturally English. This will compartmentalize French, oh well. I wish I could toss Italian in the mix, but there is only one of me

I found this neat site with articles among which raising bilingual kids if anyone is interested:
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Great forum!!! It's so cool to chat with mamas from all over the world!!!

Dh is full Sicilian, born and raised in Morocco, first language being French. Me,being adopted, I thought I was Italian and German up until a year ago when I found my biological parents. I'm actually Sicilian as well!! And Cherokee with a bit of Irish in the mix. My DC's look mostly like me (strong genes). Especially the high Cherokee cheek-bones. DH is teaching all of us French.
I enjoy reading everyones stories.

Kelly : mama to Austin and Isabella Wife to Rockin'Rollin'Rick :
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Well this is just great!!!! Multi-ethnic families really are becoming closer and closer to the norm, it seems from my vantage point!!!

I am a white American of Scottish descent raised by non-indoctrinating Mahayana Buddhists, and my wonderful DP is Dominican, raised by slightly more-indoctrinating Catholics!

DP has a 1/2 Dominican 1/2 Puerto Rican daughter who is 6 and GREAT and we spend lots of time with her, although she doesn't live with us full time. She speaks fluent Spanish, as does his whole family including about 10 aunts and uncles and 25 or so cousins that live really close to us!!!!! So I am learning fast, having studied Latin and Italian in school, it's pretty easy!

We are expecting #1 6/02/08 and can't wait to see what he or she looks like!

Oh, another thing, my whole crew of friends from college (we all live now in NYC so I still see them a lot) was a very multi-racial group- Black American, Latino, many many half white/half black, two Latinas adopted by single white women, and more... As a result, racial/ethnic/cultural identity has always been a huge and ongoing topic of discussion for all of us with our diverse backgrounds.

I love multicultural learning!!!!! I can't wait to hear all of your voices.
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Hi all! I'm happy to have found this forum.
I'm of mostly Irish-English ancestry and ex-DP is from Kenya. I'm very fair and he's very dark. DS has medium brown skin and black hair full of soft curls. I also have two nephews from Korea and a SIL from Japan.
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I'm so glad I found this forum! I've been a heavy lurker of MDC forums, but not a big poster. Hopefully that will change.

I'm Amanda - I'm a native Minnesotan (very much white-Scandinavian background!) and my partner, Rey, is from Barbados and is of African-descent. We have one daughter, Marley (20 months), who is biracial and beautiful! We are consciously raising her biracial (of course!) and am so glad to have another tool & springboard to utilize in this journey.

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