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sophi4ka 02-16-2008 08:58 PM


Just wanted to introduce myself and my multicultural family.

I was born in a Jewish family in a Communist Russia. My family was (and still is) completely atheistic, so I had no connection to Judaism. In 1990, when I was 13, we immigrated to Israel.

When I was 27, I started dating a colleague of mine. He immigrated to USA from Romania in 1999 and worked for the same big American company that I worked for - he worked in the main, US branch and I worked in the Israeli branch. He is Romanian Christian Orthodox.

After 2 years of transatlantic "dating", when we wanted to marry, we couldn't do any religious ceremony - cause Orthodox church would not marry me and also Jewish rabbies would not marry him. Frankly, I couldn't care less about the Jewish rabbies, but he was upset that we couldn't do a Christian ceremony. We eventually got married in SF City Hall.

I moved to US and in December 2007 our DD was born.

I speak Russian and Hebrew and DH speaks Romanian. So at home we have to speak English between ourselves as this is our only common language. Russian and Romanian have zero similiarity - Russian is a Slavic language and Romanian is Latin.

From my family only my mom and brother speak English, so DH can talk only with them. In his family, however, noone speaks English, so I cannot talk to them at all, as I don't speak Romanian. All my family lives in Israel and all his family lives in Romania.

Now I live in US and feel more foreigner then ever. I speak 3 languages, but none of them good enough - after all, I moved from Russia when I was 13, so my Russian obiviously deteriorated. Hebrew is not my native language and now that I don't live in Israel it also deteriorates. And obviously I am not that fluent in English. So I have an accent in any language that I speak and cannot express myself fully

I really want my daughter to speak at least Russian. Probably speaking Hebrew will be too much to ask for. So I am trying to speak to her in Russian and DH speaks to her in Romanian. However, I think that at the end she will speak only English as this is the language that she will hear us speaking between ourselves.

She is born Jewish, as I am Jewish, but DH wants to baptize her. So then, I guess, she will also be considered Christian Orthodox, like him. As for the Jewish holidays - I never celebrated them myself, so introducing them to my daughter will be kind of fake.

Thats our multicultural family :


mom2tatum 02-18-2008 11:05 AM

hmmm. interesting. I would have never guessed by your post that you weren't fluent in English btw.

Bunnybee 02-18-2008 11:21 PM

Welcome! Your English is great!

Katica 02-24-2008 06:55 AM

It`s great to have a whole section for multicultural families!
I don`t mean to hijack your thread just want to share my story b/c it`s similar to yours in many ways.

I was born and raised in Ukraine but my family is Hungarian. Then I went to college in the States where I met my future husband who is Japanese. We got married in Ukraine but soon moved to Romania. After spending over 3 years there we are now living in Japan. Thankfully, we are both Christian-Protestant so we had no problems in that area.

Our ds is 18 months old. I speak Hungarian with him, Dh in Japanese and our common language in English. I really hope this arrangement will work. Otherwise, we will have a confused little guy also.

Long story short- I`m right with ya Sophi4ka

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