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LeslieB's Avatar LeslieB 07:05 PM 02-01-2011
Does anyone have any information about this conference to be held April 11-15 in North Conway, NH? They have a website, but I can't get on it without a flash player. My only Internet right now is my iPhone. I would love more info on this since we just happen to be moving back to Conway right around that time.

Cyllya's Avatar Cyllya 07:51 PM 02-01-2011

EDIT: I can't list the presenters, etc, because it violates the web site's copyright.


Actually, the registration page isn't Flash-based. Register here. It's $99 if you register early enough. It does not cover hotel or food.


The bottom of the homepage says:


Contact Dayna 1-603-367-4657
[email protected]

PreggieUBA2C's Avatar PreggieUBA2C 09:48 PM 02-01-2011

Wow. I'd love to go to that. I think it's funny that it's in NH. :D I'd go to scope the place out for a homestead, too, but I'm reeeeeeally far away from there. Too bad.

A_Random_Phrase's Avatar A_Random_Phrase 10:17 PM 02-01-2011

Dang! Too far away.

Delicate's Avatar Delicate 03:04 AM 02-02-2011

We might be going :) It'll likely be a last-minute decision, as most things are. But it looks so awesome! And at a waterpark, too!

BabyBurkeSmithsMom's Avatar BabyBurkeSmithsMom 08:04 AM 02-10-2011

Hi Leslie, I am speaking at this conference.  What more would you like to know?  It takes place April 11th at 10 am through April 15th at 11am in North Conway NH at the Red Jacket Mountain View Resort and Kahuna Laguna indoor water park. Early bird registration is February 14th.  The price is $99 per entire Family!!  After 2/14/11 the price goes up to $150 for the whole family no matter how large!  Registration is done here

You can call Dayna, the conference organizer, for more information at 603-367-4657 or email her at [email protected]

The conference is like no other, there are speakers like a traditional conference but SO much more in addition to the water park!!


We have so many amazing speakers lined up like a traditional homeschooling conference and then so much more!

We have a sword swallower, fire eater, hypnotist, traveling zoo, hula hooping, a tattoo artist and piercer, henna artist and AMY Steinberg will be giving us a private concert too. We have so many fun things in store, you won't want to miss it!

We are almost at FULL capacity for this conference and we hope your family can join other local Unschooling families for this first annual event.
Dayna is VERY accessable!  Email her with more questions!!!  She is about to be on Oprah!!! with her whole family!!!  If she doesn't get back to you in a day or two email me at suisaidhburke at gmail dot come