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Galatea's Avatar Galatea 07:54 AM 05-27-2011

We didn't arrive at USing until this year, in the middle of ds1's 1st grade.  Ds2 was in pre-K.  He loved school, and we did like this preschool b/c of the head teacher.  Now we love USing and don't plan to send #3 or #4 to preschool at all, and no one to school.  Ds2, though, wants to go to kindergarten.  Ds1 tried to tell him "You think school will be fun b/c you think you'll be able to play with your friends, but really, they just make you do work.  Homeschool is learning by having fun."  But ds2 doesn't believe him.  How do I talk him out of this?  (School is not an option here - very displeased with district.)

4evermom's Avatar 4evermom 08:46 AM 05-27-2011

I know someone who is sending her dd to the Y for kindergarten because she doesn't like the school district... Our Ys have homeschool Swim and Gym programs once a week, too.  Maybe there is some kind of non-school program your ds2 would enjoy that wouldn't be too schoolish.  Maybe an aftercare program?  Maybe there is an afternoon care program geared for childcare of schooled kids in morning K programs?  Just some kind of class or activity might satisfy his desire to do something in a group of other kids.  Maybe there is a homeschool coop near you? 

Stacey B's Avatar Stacey B 07:20 PM 05-28-2011

Check around in your area, Denver is about the same size city and we have a district run enrichment program that my DS is going to next year. He will be in a Kindergarten "class" once a week. It's all about the other parts of learning that do benefit from having more kids around, like Winter Concert. He was really excited about it, especially since two of his friends are going to be there with him. I went and visited for the Open House and felt comfortable that it wouldn't push him in ways he wasn't ready for and they don't seem to care if you use curriculum or unschool or something in between.