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Stacey B's Avatar Stacey B 10:32 AM 08-28-2011

So we've finally reached the point where DS and I are being asked about school and what grade he's in. Finally the other day I came up with the best, though a little snarky, response. "Please don't ask me what grade my son is, he isn't maple syrup." Okay so I was cracking myself up for the next few days. Just thought I'd share.

crunchymama19's Avatar crunchymama19 10:17 PM 08-29-2011

LOL, you could also use an egg analogy the same way!

4evermom's Avatar 4evermom 04:45 PM 08-31-2011

Or you could've said, "He's grade A!  Can't you tell by looking?" and have had them scratching their heads.orngtongue.gif

zinemama's Avatar zinemama 05:00 PM 08-31-2011
If I'd never heard of unschooling or been around hs'ers, that response would really confuse me. I would wonder why you were responding to my entirely understandable and well-meant question so oddly.
journeymom's Avatar journeymom 05:16 PM 08-31-2011

lol.gif  Awe, you don't want to be snarky right off the bat with the unsuspecting like that, it's not fair.  Like Zinemama said, it's not an unreasonable question.  


Clever though!

Stacey B's Avatar Stacey B 10:17 PM 08-31-2011

Oh I didn't reply to the person that way, it just became my facebook status afterwards. I am not that bold.