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rumi's Avatar rumi 08:49 PM 09-26-2011

To me, unschooling does not lend itself to evangelism and yet there are some very vocal unschooling evangelists out there - there were a few who irritated me and then I discovered some more who make the first few seem mild, compassionate and dare I say "mainstream" by comparison. 


So other than John Holt, are there any other authors / speakers whose guidance on unschooling has been valuable to you? 


Moderator: is it all right to discuss / criticize specific unschooling books / websites?

shoefairy3's Avatar shoefairy3 09:16 AM 09-27-2011

I recently listened to a community call of Patrick Farenga and found him to be very uplifting and inspirational as far as unschooling goes. 


Here is the link to where the call mp3 is hosted at.  Its kinda low quality, but good nonetheless http://taramauger.com/live-natural-learnersunschooling-community-call-with-patrick-farenga/