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Isabelle HSH's Avatar Isabelle HSH 10:33 AM 11-21-2011



My name is Isabelle and I'm new here, I homeschool my two sons, Maxime who is 11 years old and Alex 5 years old. We are French but we live in Spain.


I would like to share with you our education, our doubts, our dayly routines, etc.


We study in French, English and Spanish.


I have a blog, in Spanish, where you can know more about us: http://homeschool-sweet-homeschhol.blogspot.com/


In France homeschool is permitted by law, but here in Spain it's not allowed, so we have to be discret and it's difficult to find ressources or make activities outside during the day...


I would like to find friends making homeschool like us, not looking at me like if I were a strange insect nut.gif.



SweetSilver's Avatar SweetSilver 08:24 PM 11-21-2011


Isabelle HSH's Avatar Isabelle HSH 01:17 AM 11-22-2011

Many thanks SweetSilver, I like this forum, I'm learning a lot.