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lovnlife0206's Avatar lovnlife0206 01:10 PM 01-08-2012

I am looking for other unschoolers in manchester area.


Googy's Avatar Googy 10:04 PM 01-11-2012

I'm a homeschooler but not an unschooler, but recommend that you check out Relaxed Homeschoolers of NH (a great number of that group are unschoolers or have unschooling tendencies) as well as http://www.examiner.com/unschooling-in-manchester/susan-m-burke and https://www.facebook.com/pages/Manchester-NH-Unschooling-Examiner/103010219744974#!/groups/115948735150483/

mirpnmama's Avatar mirpnmama 02:59 PM 01-12-2012

Hi! We are unschoolers in Nashua.  How old is your child/children? What are you looking for exactly? There are a ton of great opportunities around here!!!

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