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csprunger's Avatar csprunger 06:42 AM 03-01-2012



I'm in a bit of a dilemma and need some guidance.  We recently moved about 1000 miles away.  Our son was in a wonderful montessori school and in order to keep some consistency we looked for a program close to our new apartment.  Unfortunately, the only program we found was 1/2 hour away.  It has proved to be too difficult - the commute on all of us (including my younger daughter) has been a challenge.  Due to the distance, we are out of the house (and our new community) 4 hours a day, 5 days a week.


In addition, the new school has not proved to be quite what we were hoping.  There is a computer in the classroom (why??  I have no idea).  Anyway, he is not getting the social interaction or educational tools that we anticipated.  It has not provided the "consistent atmosphere" we hoped that would ease the transition.  All that said to lead to our decision to withdraw him from the program.


So now I have my 5 yo son and 2 yo daughter at home (in a tiny apt) in our new city.  I'm looking for some direction on how to provide an educational outline to the day.  Even asking this question might seem silly - is there a cirriculum or guidelines that you can give me for a preschool homeschool program?  I'm just looking for some activities or flow to the day...I'm afraid if we don't have some sort of routine, it's be a challenge.  I'm afraid I get involved in stuff I need to get done and distracted sometimes.  I want to be more deliberate in how to approach the day so we all have a good experience over the next several months until K starts.


Any ideas?


Thanks so much,


lj'smommy's Avatar lj'smommy 10:44 AM 03-01-2012

I would recommend that you check out a book called "Free Range Learning" by Laura Grace Weldon.  It has lots of good info about natural learning and the child-led approach that my ease your worries about "educational tools, etc."  Also, some great chapters about living life with your children around and having a flow to the day that includes all of you.  The later will be an adjustment for all 3 of you but give it time and you'll soon find your groove. 

moominmamma's Avatar moominmamma 01:44 PM 03-01-2012

You've posted in the Unschooling forum, which is populated mostly by folks looking for non-curricular, relatively unstructured organic style "learning from life," particularly in the early years. You might get more input by posting in the Learning At Home and Beyond forum.



SweetSilver's Avatar SweetSilver 02:45 PM 03-01-2012

I think there might even be a "Montessori" thread somewhere on that forum, too.

csprunger's Avatar csprunger 03:27 PM 03-01-2012

Thanks for the ideas.  I realized after I posted there was probably a more appropriate forum.  Thanks again!



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