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kellyjeangrimes's Avatar kellyjeangrimes 04:26 PM 03-02-2012

I have read those many articles that make fun of people who say "my kid would just play computer games all day" and they all swear that given unlimited time ,the kid will become bored and wish for something else. The opposite has happened in my house .DS (15) has over the past few years given up on all other things he was formerly interested in and replaced it with more and more video gaming. He used to do karate and go to a homeschool co-op where he took classes like Chinese,creative writing and drama.He used to go outside and play in the woods. He used to read avidly and now will only occaisionally pick up a book.  


He will stay up until about midnight, or later on the computer gaming. When he wakes around noon he comes downstairs to use the bathroom and gets online. He is on and not wishing to be disturbed in any way until he gets hungry.He will quickly eat then get back to his games. When I do talk to him he is rude and annoyed.(although he always says thank you for a sandwich!) He says that all those things he used to do are stupid. He has no interest in making friends or socializing.He does not care about his environment.His room is not just messy,but gross with uneaten food he will not clean up. He will sleep in the same clothes and wear them day after day without showering.


I am concerned about these behaviors, but I don't know exactly what to do about them. At 15 years I cannot "make" him do something. I cannot say "you have to do x or no computer,you have to go out with us to this place" because he simply does not participate.I cannot just pick him up and remove him from the house.  I can remove his computer,and this will be a fight, definitely imposing my will.


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