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edgar360's Avatar edgar360 05:33 AM 03-03-2012

I am wondering if there is a sort of test or evaluation that is reliable and tells you whether or not you learn better in a school environment or a unschooled environment. This evaluation could be online or it could be a formal test offered by certain professionals. 



If you need more information about who I am and why I think I need such an evaluation…


I am in 11th grade and still go to school. For my twelfth grade year, I would like to be unschooled in order to give myself the best education I know I need before going to college. Over the years, I have had many desires to quick school and have the freedom of education, which I am convinced is the method my mind was made to learn by. Every time I propose a different sort of education (has happened about 4 times), my parents and teachers tell me my plans are too ambitious and so instead we work out something else, and that alternative is never true liberation for learning. This senior year before college I am once again proposing, and this time I want it the way I need it, and that means contracting my parents and teachers. I need to show them with evidence that I need education just like I want it in order to really learn and prepare for the college workload. Is there any other way to do this than to take a formal test proving my mind to be made for unschooling?

onatightrope's Avatar onatightrope 09:24 AM 03-03-2012

Unschoolers aren't big on tests, so there's no test.  Sorry.  


Have you read College without High School by Blake Boles?


It's basically written for a young person in your position, and includes advice about convincing your parents.  Why do you need to convince your teachers?  What would their role be in this?  The nature of leaving school would be stepping away from their authority and oversight, and so I can't see why it would be any of their business.  


I'm sorry you're stuck somewhere you don't want to be!  Get the book, and work on a plan, and feel free to come ask more questions, whenever you like!



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