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cheery's Avatar cheery 11:34 AM 05-12-2012

hi - my friend just told me she is interested in homeschooling.  I posted a thread in the Washington State board:


seeking secular homeschooling / unschooling-friendly support in Redmond / Seattle


meanwhile she just told me excitedly that she is going to attend the Washington Homeschool Organization conference.


I wanted to know if any of you would be there so that I could try to introduce you over email and maybe you could meet.  From talking to her and her son, I really think they would love unschooling in some flavour.


Plus the convention looks very non-unschooly.   At least from the website.  I don't want her to get scared away by the "Darwin-friendly" science curriculum.


(Note just for clarification that I put that in quotes because I personally don't think "friendliness" is relevant when we are studying science.)


But I don't want to discourage her from attending the conference either. 


Do any of you have any information on the usefulness of the conference for a secular homeschooler?


Also if you are attending pls reply here or PM to let me know if I can introduce you to my friend. 


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