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Lovenest's Avatar Lovenest 11:05 AM 07-28-2012

We live in Oregon and homeschool/unschool our almost 10 year old son.

Up to this point I have not registered him with the state as a homeschooler. I am wondering if I should register him or not? I know he would need to be tested in certain "grades" and that is about it for complying with the state. I am thinking as he gets closer to being done with school if he will need the documents to take his GED or get his high school diploma? I am mainly just confused as we dont all the way unschool or all the way homeschool, help!!!dizzy.gif Thank you!

moominmamma's Avatar moominmamma 05:51 PM 07-28-2012

There's a thread just below on meeting state requirements in Oregon.



mamarhu's Avatar mamarhu 09:53 PM 07-29-2012

Certainly not intending this as legal advice, LOL, but I have been flying under the radar in your state for years now. BigGirl, 17, has been unschooled forever, and is now considering herself graduated. She is studying for the GED, mainly for her own self-confidence, before entering community college. She has never taken a standardized test in her life. YoungSon was unschooled, also unregistered, until he decided to join public high school last year for 9th grade. He is doing fine; no one ever asked about the registration process.


I don't know what the penalty would be if you got caught - is it anything serious? The only advantage I know of is that Barnes&Noble gives an educator discount to homeschooling families - I was never able to prove it to their satisfaction. Registration would provide that.

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