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meesh933's Avatar meesh933 06:55 AM 08-06-2012

I'm wondering if anyone can help me is the first day of public school here, and it occurred to me that I might want to try to get in compliance with homeschool laws now that my oldest is kindergarten age! The GA law states that compulsory education is between the ages of 6 and 16, and that you must notify the state within 30 days of starting a home education program. DD won't be six until May, and 30 days from that, school would be out anyway. So do I notify them this year, or next?


Also, we are required to keep attendance records in GA. (The law requires 180 days with 4.5 hours of instruction per day.) How do you guys do this as unschoolers? Just put a check mark next to every day until you get 180??

mary3mama's Avatar mary3mama 10:00 AM 08-06-2012

I am clueless about reporting requirements in GA (or any other state), sorry. shy.gif


But you might want to post this in the Learning at Home and Beyond main forum instead.


It should be seen by more members there and maybe someone who has an answer for you.  thumb.gif

OkiMom's Avatar OkiMom 07:44 PM 08-09-2012

Not in GA but thought this might help orngbiggrin.gif

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