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rumi's Avatar rumi 06:31 AM 09-02-2012

Be careful what you wish for ... all these years I thought I had to make efforts to encourage my night owl dd (now 9) to sleep earlier, when earlier meant, before midnight. Just so that 1 didn't become 2 and from there slide into the zone of no return ...


For a few months now, though, she is getting up by 8 all on her own, even if we have no place to go.


Now to retain my 3 hours of morning time I am going to have to get up at 5?  It is dark at 5!  Not to mention cold at 5!



4evermom's Avatar 4evermom 08:27 AM 09-02-2012

Yeah, I get grumpy when my dh gets up when I do lol.gif. My ds, however, does not believe in either being asleep when I am not, or being awake when I am not. He's old enough that my mornings with him are pretty peaceful, though. I make my coffee, make our breakfasts, and then we both do our own computer things. When dh is up at the same time, he wants "his" computer and I can't do my coffee computer thing. The change of routine makes me grumpy although I've spent years of my adult life reading with coffee instead of computing.

SweetSilver's Avatar SweetSilver 09:26 AM 09-02-2012

Good luck with that!  We have to do TV time in the morning to get our easy mornings.  It works--most of the time.  Then there is that one day they watch 20 minutes of TV and are done and want me for everything.  notbeforecoffeeeeeeee...............craaaaaaaaaap.  

Pookietooth's Avatar Pookietooth 12:45 AM 10-01-2012

I get no morning time. DS sleeps until 11 but dd wakes when I wake. I am up late with him in the other room just so I get a little much-needed "me" time. How about your staying up later and letting your 9 year old get her own breakfast?

rumi's Avatar rumi 07:05 AM 10-11-2012

I am useless at night.  I love mornings.   I just need more morning.  


dd has kind of slid back and is getting up later but I would feel guilty if I did too much to encourage this.  She was happy when she was getting up early - mostly because she has picked up on the idea that it is considered a good thing to get up early, not because she had anything specific that needs to be done at 8 am.  But once she's up, she is up and ready to go.  


Today she is still asleep (thanks to a jam-packed day yday).  Hence I am online after a long time. 


I miss hanging out here :-)

featherstory's Avatar featherstory 01:25 AM 11-03-2012

We miss you too and I totally feel you.  I love it when I wake-up before the kids.  If my oldest wakes up early it is usually not a good thing.  Sometimes she'll wake up early because she's so excited to go see my mom before she goes to work, or see the kids in the neighborhood although they are at school or going to school.  


I always feel guilty because I think "I should have set up their table with stuff for them to play with while I lounge and slowly wake-up", or if I tell her I'm tired and she asks "well what can I do" and my brain doesn't work and can't come up with anything.  Usually she will entertain herself pretty easily but sometimes the way she entertains herself is chaotic or too much for morning and I feel bad that I wasn't prepared.  Maybe I should make an emergency *too early in the morning kit?  

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