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I'm just wondering if I am doing this ok.My dd is 6yo,1st grade.In my state you have to prove curriculum,and keep records.I fib on the records,I say my dd did certain structured things,when in reality she mosty does what she wants.She does end up doing all the work,but not on the day I say she does.She'll do some on the weekends,at night,whenever she wants to.
I just don't think she should sit for hours and do written work,and if I tried that everyday she would be in tears,and so would I.Is this ok?I hate lying,but at the same time she is doing the work,just not on a school schedual(sp?). When she's playing on her own,she'll play educational games on the computer,read,write stories for her Teddy bear,draw pictures,write letters to everyone in the family,make up games with her brother,and pretend with her toys.
She's doing very well with her work,and is right where she should be.She understands everything,and all her tests are scores of 95 or better.I just don't want to be tied to the school calendar,that was one of the many reasons we homeschool.Legally she has to have 180 days,and that has to end in June,when final reports are due.

I'm just wondering if anyone else does this.I'm new to homeschooling,and I don't know anyone near me who does it.Everyone thinks we're nuts,lol.Most of the Moms I know are so happy when their kids go off to school,I can't even picture sending my babies somewhere else all day.We're very close and dd is so shy.Besides,she loves homeschooling.She is very proud when she tells someone.

Student mama to one awesome,talented and unique dd,15 and one amazing, sweet and strong ds,12(born with heart defect Tetralogy of Fallot,also on the autism spectrum),9 cats,and 2 gerbils.
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There are total unschoolers who meet their state requirements in every state of the U.S.A. Some states are more challenging than others as far as how to present what you are doing in a form that they will accept. Nevertheless, plenty of people have unschooled without using any particular
curriculum or schedule in every state.

Here is a great website for you to go to in order to learn what your state requires:

Ann Zeise, mom of a now grown homeschooler, runs the website. It's huge, and has a wealth of information about every homeschooling style, how to get started, what your individual state requirements are, how to find out how to meet those requirements and still unschool, etc. She also has a Yahoo message group called A to Z Homeschool which you can join. Many of the posters are unschoolers and they may have more information about how to do that in your state.

The unschooling parents on this site are also very helpful, and may be able to give you more information if you felt comfortable enough to post the state you live in.

And I would stop feeling guilty about not schooling between 9 and 3, or whatever right this minute. I mean, how ridiculous a requirement is that? I'm actually laughing about it. As if you can't learn how to read after 3 p.m., or on the weekends. Hey - if that's so, is homework illegal in your state as well? :LOL!

Welcome to a whole message board full of homeschooling nuts!


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