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angelsmama's Avatar angelsmama 08:17 PM 04-07-2003

My dd has a very high IQ and that is one of the reasons I am seriously considering homeschooling. Does anyone out there have experience/suggestions/resources? She is 5 now & has been in Montessori school which we have been very happy with. I plan on using a lot of montessori materials.

Thank you!

pmjmomma's Avatar pmjmomma 10:09 PM 04-09-2003

this page is a goldmine for parents of gifted children and there is a section on homeschooling. also, don't miss the online resources page - there is a list called TAGMAX for families hsing gifted kids. there is an unschooling bent there, but still good info. . .
OhMel's Avatar OhMel 11:08 PM 04-09-2003
pmjmomma's Avatar pmjmomma 12:03 PM 04-10-2003
oops! sorry
barbara's Avatar barbara 12:07 PM 04-10-2003
This is what propelled us to homeschool in the first place. We found the gifted programs in the schools to be lacking. They do not meet the needs of these children who really require individualized educational plans, not extra projects. Our experience has been that many of these kids are socially and emotionally slower to mature, so excellerated programs in the "peer group" setting only create more problems for them socially. We found that providing lots of rich reading material was the best springboard for our son to explore and expand his horizions. He was 5 when we began homeschooling. He is now in college and we have never regretted our decision to educate him at home.