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Nemmer's Avatar Nemmer 11:51 PM 01-12-2004
I was looking for a book, and up pops circumcision tools! Is this normal? I just can't imagine a doctor checking ebay when s/he needs a new gomco tool... Made me sick....

Sarah's Avatar Sarah 11:57 PM 01-12-2004
Nemmer- It's called "medical fetish"... I bet if you check that seller's other auctions you will find all sorts of restraints, cattle speculums, jaw opening devices, anal speculums...etc the combo of vetinerary and human applications and the fixation of genitals and orifices makes it read crystal clear that this is not your usual medical supply house.

Love Sarah
DesireeH's Avatar DesireeH 06:54 AM 01-19-2004
EWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! People are sick.
intensity_too's Avatar intensity_too 02:12 PM 01-19-2004
While this sounds really gross I think this guy is selling an antique and is not a fetish person at all. If you pull up his other actions they are all for antiques. I'm sure there are people out there that collect old medical instruments and the like just as some people collect stamps.

Frankly Speaking's Avatar Frankly Speaking 05:13 PM 01-19-2004
I've seen the ads and they are not antiques. They are just like what will be used hundreds of times in medical offices and hospitals today and tomorrow and next week and month. These people are not selling collectibles, they are selling the instruments of a sick fetish. To purchase some of these items from a legitimate medical supply distributor, you have to be in the buisiness with an established account. This stuff on E-Bay is grossly over priced and is for the sickies.

MonicaS's Avatar MonicaS 05:32 PM 01-19-2004
I also think that the fact that the auctions are private, gives it away.
intensity_too's Avatar intensity_too 05:36 PM 01-19-2004
I respectfully disagree Frank . . . . at least about this particular person.

PurplePixiePooh's Avatar PurplePixiePooh 06:14 PM 01-19-2004
There should be some kind of law against selling itmes ued to disfigure another human being!!!

Can we complain to Ebay? Would they even care?

ekblad9's Avatar ekblad9 01:27 AM 01-20-2004
Wow, that's something else.
pilesoflaundry's Avatar pilesoflaundry 01:37 AM 01-20-2004
Oh why did I have to torture myself and actually look it up??? That thing looks scary .

According to this guy that came up when I searched he is a reputable used dealer but anyone can make up a logo in adobe or paintshop so who really knows.
Frankly Speaking's Avatar Frankly Speaking 05:19 AM 01-20-2004

I went to E-Bay to look up the ad and found several. There were ads for both Mogen and Gomco clamps so I don't know which one it was. I did notice an ad for a clamp that was manufactured in Pakistan which probably means that it is a black market clamp and infringes on the patent of the US manufacturer. I can assure you that no doctor or hospital would go to E-bay to buy their medical instruments. That is especially so since the US Government has warned that even with US made clamps from the same manufacturer, that the parts should not be interchanged as they may cause injury to the patient. No doctor would take that chance to save a few dollars if there is any savings at all.

I saw nothing in any of the ads that could be considered an antique or collector item. These instruments have not changed in decades. I'll stand on my original premise that these items are sold to sickos and the person selling them may offer excellent customer service and have a great rating but he is, in fact, catering to the sickos in our society. I'm sure he knows this. I also am sure he is not a bona fide medical distributor as he didn't seem to know the laws concerning the sale of medical instruments. Any reputable business person knows the laws governing the conduct of his/her business.

alissakae's Avatar alissakae 02:01 AM 01-24-2004
EBay has rules about some things being inappropriate for sale. Maybe if people complain they will ban the sale of this awful stuff.