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lotusdebi's Avatar lotusdebi 03:33 PM 02-02-2004

Eric's Avatar Eric 09:15 PM 02-02-2004
Good for you!
Together we will stop circ.

I'm so sick and tired of all the people who i try and talk to about circ and their damn ignorance. Can't anyone have common sense.
mattemma04 09:37 PM 02-02-2004
Sarah's Avatar Sarah 12:36 AM 02-03-2004
I think that all this anger/judgement against men who were victims and are still struggling with the trauma of what was done to them... is misplaced and arrogant.

That man's behavior is as much evidence of the damage of what was done to him as the missing body part. Don't forget it. Circumcision wounds us all in many ways. It's not just about skin... it cuts much deeper than that.

Please treat all circumcision victims with kindness and protect all children from the harm which the unhealed wounds could do to the next generation.

Love Sarah
momadance's Avatar momadance 12:38 AM 02-03-2004
Try and find the link to the video clip that was on mothering.coms homepage. I watched it and cried and cried and cried some more. My ds is circe'd. No way in hell would we do it again if we knew then what we know now....Absolutely heartbreaking.
AnnMarie's Avatar AnnMarie 12:41 AM 02-03-2004
I'm sorry but women like that piss me off. They KNOW it's wrong, but they allow it because their husband wants it. : Whatever happened to protecting your children from harm?
TigerTail's Avatar TigerTail 02:07 AM 02-03-2004
i gotta say i'm with annmarie, victim or not, it's no excuse to do it to the next generation. i will never understand the rationale of 'it's my husband's decision'. after i had the baby in *my* womb for er, 8 months & a week , i would never say, 'oh, go ahead and hurt my baby, as long as YOU take all the responsibility for it.' i'm the mama, & the buck stops here.

that's why no circs get done without the mother's signature (hopefully; just not those 'accidental' ones...) you cannot pretend it is no longer your responsibility just because you chose to make it not so- that baby's safety is your responsibilty (and your husband's!), and if he doesn't know what's what, i'd make sure he found out. if my husband was adamant that we cut off his foot, would i say, 'ooh, whatever he thinks- he's really set on it.'? would you whine to cps, 'but he really insisted. i washed my hands of it, & it was his deal. oh, i *signed* the contract to the butcher to chop it off, of course, but it was his responsibility. 'cause i said so. not my fault.'?

i am sorry deep in my heart for every man who was mutilated without his consent; my pity stops at excusing the desire to mutilate their babies. thank god my dh can feel the hurt of what was done to him without wanting to justify it by continuing the 'tradition'. bless his heart, i think i may go wake him up & give him (cough) solace.

lotusdebi's Avatar lotusdebi 02:30 AM 02-03-2004
Frankly Speaking's Avatar Frankly Speaking 02:55 AM 02-03-2004
With the Michael Jackson case in the news, there is a lot of speculation and discussion about pedophilia. This got the gears in my head spinning about fathers who want their sons circumcised.

It is well known and documented that most pedophiles are men who were sexually abused as children. Could it be that infant circumcision has the same effect on men? Could it be that their own victimhood at birth generates the same kind of response to their own sons that sexual abuse as a child produces sexual predators of the future?

Food for thought!