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laralou's Avatar laralou 02:27 PM 02-11-2004
This thread will remain closed.

No matter how politely it is phrased any discussion of a religious nature on the Circ board is out of place and usually ends up in a heated debate. If you have questions that are religious in nature, please place them on the Spirituality forum (but please read the guidelines for that forum as well - I am the mod there as well ). If you have questions as to what is allowed in the Circ forum, please read the Sticky at the top about religious discussion.


Feel free to PM me, ekblad7, or Cynthia Mosher if you have any questions, concerns, or complaints.

Stardust27's Avatar Stardust27 02:51 PM 02-11-2004
I'm still here, I'm still here! I hope you didn't get the impression that I was trolling... I just had a few very busy days.

I'm very sorry for what I stirred up in that thread. I just carefully re-read the Administrator statement about religious discussion and see where I overstepped the rules with my post. Somehow I was under the impression that religious debate was permitted unless it got insulting and personal. Though I'd like to point out that the post I replied to went a bit across the line as well:

"On the other hand this forum is also not intended to be a place for the defense of religious circumcision. So it is neither appropriate for posts from those who have chosen ritual circ to come and expect support of their decision."

I also want to point out that I wrote a PM to mahdokht, who felt insulted by my message. I'm very sorry that I came across as insulting. English is not my mother tongue and I probably lack the necessary "fine-tuning". I didn't intend to insult any religion and I do certainly respect other religions and cultures. But to me, that doesn't mean that I have to accept everything they do without criticism.

Please, please, please don't turn this one into a battle-field as well.

Arduinna's Avatar Arduinna 11:26 PM 02-11-2004
Stardust, it works both ways. If someone is insulted or thinks that a post is against the user agreement it's supposed to be reported, not replied to.

I'm really sorry that the thread ended up needing to be closed though.