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I am due in August, if I have a boy I would like to not circumcise, my only personal reason is the pain factor, but what are the other reasons I should be aware of?

Thanks for your time.
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You will soon be innundated with all the reasons to leave things as they were intended... natural and uncut!

I am in a house-cleaning frenzy right now so don't have much time to post, but I recommend this link as an easy and fun way to learn about why NOT to circ:

HTH, and YAYAY for you and your future sons
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~There is NO medical reason to have a baby circumcised.

~The foreskin is being painfully ripped and stolen from newborns and then used for profit!!!

~Complications occurring in a hospital setting has been documented as high as 38%! Complications can include infections, hemorrhage, injury and even in rare cases, amputation and death!

~The foreskin works much the same as our eyelids! It protects the head of the penis! Loss of sensitivity/sexual pleasure is reported by men who were circumcised later in life! Both males and females benefit from the foreskin in many ways!

That is all I have time for...I am sure the ladies will have plenty more to add...the list almost seems endless, kwim?

Take care,
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There is a real wealth of information on the Internet. A couple of articles that Mothering published are an excellent place to start:

Articles by Dr. Paul Fleiss

But what it really boils down to for me is this: would you circumcise your daughter? Or yourself? The equivalent surgery would be cutting away the hood that covers the clitoris as well as the labia. Yes, you'd probably still be able to have orgasms....but would it be the same? No. So why would you (speaking generically here) do the same to your son, with or without anesthesia?

Congratulations on your pregnancy, and for having the foresight to research this issue now! Also check out the other fora here on Mothering, there's lots of great support and information.

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Well not quite nieghbour, but we are in St. Catharines,ON. My name is Tara and my dh and I have a two year old intact son Callum and another baby on the way. I did a ton of research (which I will gladly post for you) when deciding about Callum.

The thing that got to me most at the time was the Intact circumcision video. It was filmed just outside of Toronto in 1998. So just a few short years ago. It still chills me to this day to think that I could have unknowingly let that happen to my son.

The thing that struck my dh the most was the rate of circumcision in Canada. It is less than 20%. In my area it is a bit higher, but none the less, the intact status is the majority. Much different than when my dh was born, back then almost everyone was circed. My mil says she doesn't even remember being asked, it was just done.

Anyhow, here is some great info for you, if you have any more spacific questions, feel free to ask, there are a lot of great people on this board.


General info,



Medical communities,


Risks and Complications,



Personal experiences,

IntactvsCirced penis care,


News articles,


Sexual side effects,

Cute articles,

Adult circumcision(why not leave it up to him?)

Foreskin restoration,

Other great sites for research,

Take care,

Tara Momma to Callum and Gavin
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My reason for not circ. was that that was the way mother nature intended for him to be, so that's the way I was taking him home.
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What other of your son's body parts have you even considered cutting? A little toe? The tip of his ear?

No? None ? Not one other body part? Why not? Just because it would be painful?

My respect for my son's bodily integrity prevented me from circ'ing him.
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I think what you are really saying is that you have heard all of the reasons why you should and you want to know why you shouldn't. Let's look at it that way. that is by addressing all of the reasons you think you should.

Everybody does it.
Well, not any more. There will be more intact boys in the US this year and many more in Canada. Only about 15% in Canada will be circumcised in 2004.

Look like Daddy.
Exactly who benefits from that? It's the father so he won't have to confront himself about why he was violated.

Easier to care for
Definitely not for babies and Children. There is far less care for an intact child than a circumcised child. There is basically no difference for an adult.

Circumcised is more hygenic.
Definitely not. The circumcised penis is far more prone to infection as an infant and equal as a child. An intact penis is no less hygenic than a females vulva.

He will be teased.
Definitely not when he is in the vast majority.

More painful as an adult.
That assumes that he will want to be circumcised as an adult. Less than 1% of intact men take this option, thus more than 100 babies endure unspeakable pain to save one adult minimal pain.

Mother prefers a circumcised penis.
This is not about the mother's preferences. This is about the integrity of a man's genitals. If you choose to circumcise, it's only fair that your son have free reign in about 20 years to surgically modify your genitals as he sees fit.

Parents have to make a decision.
Yes and parents have a moral obligation to make decisions that are in the best interest of the child. Making a medical decision that directly contradicts every medical association in the world is irresponsible.

Every argument for circumcision fails. Period! There is not a single one that can be raised that will stand up.

Here are some links to what doctors have to say:

I know you are just about overwhelmed with links and information. If you have specific questions, please ask.

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Congratulations on your new little boy! I'm glad you've already decided to keep the whole baby. =) I know it's always helpful to have more reasons, more motivation, so here are the reaons I opted not to circ my own DS:
*It's *his* penis, I didn't feel I had the right to remove part of it
*Circ lessens pleasure during intercourse; I really didn't feel I had a right to mess with that
*DS is allowed to look like himself, he doesn't have to look like anyone else be it his father or his class mates; I want to be able to ask "If all your friends jump off a cliff, would you?" and don't think that's possible if I had his foreskin chopped off so he could "fit in"
*God (or evolution if you like) put that skin there and He/it is smarter than me
*It messes with nursing, and that was important to me
*I didn't want to have to deal with an open wound in his diaper (laziness on my part, I admit it)
*There are *NO* benefits to having it done
*The "informational" pamplet I got from the doctors made me mad. It talked about "we thought circ did this good thing, but then we did a study and found out that wasn't true; then we thought it did this... but that wasn't right either; so then we thought maybe it helps in this way, but nope to that one also; so it's just if you feel like it" and I thought, "What the heck! These people are doctors?!?" It was backwards, do the operation then see why it's good. It didn't make any sense.
*I didn't go through 30 hours of labor without pain medication so I could have a healthy, undrugged baby just to drug him up the next day

There are probably more reasons, but that's the heart of it. =)
I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well and your birth empowers you!
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First I want to say. I am happy you decieded to even thing about not circumcising your son. I have a three year old son and an older daughter thats five and a 1 year old daughter. So when the question came to me I had to research about this. I was told by some of my breastfeding freinds that it is not medical neccessary to do. I was like what. Everyone circumcises their sons. WE'lll then I went researching. I have found and even talk to numerous of doctors that have not had their sons done and would not have it done to their patients. I found that thier is absoultly no reason to have it done. Your son will thank you later. If your to a have your son done first of all your son will have long term emotional problems that himself will not be able to figure out. I mean this surgery involves usually no antesia and is VERY painful. ANd their are some many risk. He will acutally have a better sexual feeling about himself if you don't do this. Please go to websites and learn. You do not have to let this happen to your son. If you breast fed you will not even be able to go through with it. I actually went to have it done and cried and cried but everyone (parents) told me it had to be done. But the doctor said what is wrong and I said I read up on circumcision and I found no medical reasons to have it done and she said your right their is no reason to have it done. Boys through out the world are not getting it done anymore like they use to. Their is a 60 percent population who are doing it and 40percent are not. They are just finding out it is not cleaner and it is not safe to have it done. Their is only a 1 out of 100,000 get penial cancer so why would prevent your son from this cancer if only 1 out of 100,000 will get it. That would say that we should cut our daughters breasts off since more women die of breast cancer then they do of penial cancer. The reason they did this mutialty surgery years ago is because they didn't want the boys to play with them selves. THat fact to that is when you circumcise your son he will lose thousands of nerve endings and be in the penise and it would be more lively to play with himself. He would even injoy sex more being intact. His partner to. I see no reason in this world to do it. Please educate your self before you make any decisions. I wen to a site called mothers against circumcision. And they had a lot of information.

mommy of ATA
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