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My story starts a long while ago. I was a Computer Science major in college, and on a whim took a Human Development class. That was the single most life altering class every! (I was used to being one of ... three girls in class; then I walk into this HD class and there were 60 people - and only *2* were guys! I was in shock! So I went to the back of the room with the guys and asked one, "Do you feel odd here?" "Yeah." "Me too. I'm a CSC major." =) ) Anyways, the teacher talked about natural birth and showed "Birth Self Delivery" (where the unmedicated babies were able to crawl up their mommy's tummy and nurse all by themselves) and I was hooked. I wanted that for my babies. Fastforward about five years and I was preggo. I knew what I wanted, but didn't know how to get there. A guy I "met" on a programming forum mentioned Bradley classes, so I signed up. Our Bradley teacher told us to really look into circ. She said she used to get on her soapbox, but decided it was too personal (but I got the deffinate impression that she didn't belive in it). So I did the homework and decided it was stupid. I didn't know as much then as I do now, and therefore didn't feel as strongly about it. I told DH what I learned and how I felt, but left the final say up to him. I figured he had the parts, he should know. (Now, it would simply be, "It's not happening. Period.") I actually didn't know his decision until we were at a prenatal appointment and the nurse chick asked. They asked the visit before, but DH wasn't with me, so I didn't give an answer. DH said no, and I was so relieved. It's scary to me to realize how lucky I am. I think had I known this a long time ago, I would have had a questionnaire for prospective husbands.
Do you believe in spanking?
Do you believe in RIC?
Will you support a natural birth?
Will you support breastfeeding?
I love him so much. Well, both of my guys. =)
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That's a courageous story and I applaud you for the stand you have taken!

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My beautiful boy, now 15 months, is whole. I am so proud when I change his diaper! I was able to protect him from unnecessary hurt...it was my first victory as a mom!

DH (cut) initially wanted to circ, but I forced him to read Dr. Sears' description of it, and then he was like, "No WAY! We are NOT circing him!" Rock on, DH!

When I see my poor circed nephew (nearing 3) getting changed, I want to cry. His penis looks bruised to me, it looks *wrong*. I feel so badly for him that he went through unimaginable agony at just a day old in order to look like his father. I love my sister, but this is one of the (many) reasons I don't think she's such a great parent.

I wish I could save every little boy's wholeness!

DS seems to love his foreskin. He's been endlessly amused by the ways he can manipulate it, and frankly, I'm happy he has it there to discover!

~Kiyomi~ Unschooling mom to one very chatty, very amazing 7 year old bundle of boy
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My ds is 3 and a half months old and I am SO happy I left him intact.

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Thank you for this thread! Add my new, beautiful, 7 week old baby to the list. I am so glad he is intact!

-Alice, SAHM to dd (2001) and ds (2004) each of whom was a homebirth.jpg, who each self-weaned at 4.5 years bfolderchild.gif, who both fambedsingle2.gif'd, who were bothcd.gif, and both: novaxnocirc.gif.   Also, gd.gif, and goorganic.jpg!

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Originally posted by zaftigmama
.....I truly had an entire community against me, and had never felt so much pressure, hatred, harassment, etc.,.

Luckily I was able to convince my husband that it's truly not the right thing to do, religion or no religion....I was lucky to have many friends who agreed with my decision.

.....I still receive hate mail, guilt trips, and am the target of many nasty opinions.

....it all reinforces my belief that I hit a sore spot somewhere, and people can't be too secure in what they are doing if they let my choice get to them so deeply and profoundly.
.....He can always choose to circ. himself later if he's going to be as miserable as everyone has told me he will. I don't believe it will happen, but it will be his choice. It was never my choice to make.
Take care,
What a story, zaftigmama!
You had terrible pressure to face. What courage it takes to swim against the current.

I chose not to circumcise my son long before he was born. I witnessed a circumcision at a local hospital while a student of Nursing 25 years ago. Nuff said!

Ironically, the folks who hotly defend the practice seem to be people who have already circumcised their sons. The reasons vary, but extreme defensiveness is the common element.

-- Add the women who say, 'My hubby is circ'ed, and we have a satisfactory sex life, thank you very much!'

My son is now 24 years old; and my daughters (both in their late teens) know about circumcision and are convinced it is a procedure that needs to become extinct...so mamas of daughters, remember that someday your girls will want to know about this!:LOL

My husband (now ex) was cut, and didn't know about circumcision until we were expecting our boy. No argument there, once he got the whole story.
Our boy asked his father why his penis was different when he was about 4 years old. When he heard the truth, he told his dad he was 'sorry he was hurt.'
Our pediatricians congratulated us when they heard we decided against circumcision...in private, very quietly. It was 1980, and many parents were still circumcising.

Over the years, fewer and fewer physicians are circumcising their sons here in the USA.
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Another intact DS (and DH!) here!
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I'm a new member to the forums, but I can't help but add here that my oldest son is intact and I am glad he is. I didn't circ him out of gut instinct... it seemed wrong... and I've learned quite a bit to support my decision since then.

My ex-husband was adopted, and his adoptive mother told him that he wasn't circumcized because his real mother didn't care about him enough to have it done (reason #1 among countless reasons why I don't like my ex MIL).

I'm remarried, and my dh is circ'ed. He was shocked when he found out my son was not. We debated it, and after giving him a lot of information on why not to circumcize, he started realizing he has "scars" from being circ'ed, and did a 180. His mother has also been an RN for 30+ years, so I'm sure he thought she did what was best for him, and it was a real blow to learn it was needless and cruel.

We are now pregnant with my fourth child, and although we don't know what we're having, I'm having boy vibes . I tentatively brought up not circumcizing with him yesterday, and told him how I felt (that I don't want the boy circumcized). I'm glad we discussed it well over a year ago peacefully, because he nodded his head in agreement. I'm not sure he's 100% behind it, but I also told him if our son's not happy about it, he can take care of it later. So score one for mom .

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