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So DS has been having some minor issues with his penis that I wrote about here...

Basically he has some ballooning, small amounts of blood on underwear, pain while urinating. All one day occurrences spread months apart. Separation was the conclusion.

He pees sitting down. Now that he's bigger we are trying to get him to pee standing up, a cultural norm I guess. I've noticed some other issues now. I always knew he was a side shooter, but when he tries to pee standing up it's a hot mess. Pee starts off dribbling then shoots up, then to the side. He is so discouraged by this that the other day he held it for an hour in the car rather than pee standing on the side of the road.

Asked the doc at his 4 year and he said his foreskin is still very tight and the stream issues could be from meatal stenosis. So I looked that up and it's a complication of circumcision. WTF? He's INTACT!

Now the strange twist in this story is that my DH has complication with his circumcision and had to have his urethra enlarged. This sounds like the procedure to fix meatal stenosis. Could it be hereditary or a simple misdiagnosis by a doc not well versed with intact penises?

We have an appt with a urolgist at Children's in a couple of months.
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I would guess it's all from the separation process, not from meatal stenosis, which really is a circ complication. If he can retract himself a bit, what happens if he tries peeing with his foreskin retracted enough to uncover his meatus?

He can always squat on the side of the road and pee, too -- just like a girl -- but I wouldn't encourage holding it when he really has to go.

Honestly, I'd be a bit concerned about the pediatric urologist visit -- because when your only tool is a hammer, all problems look like nails, KWIM?

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I tried to get him to squat he wasn't having that either. We carry a bottle for him to pee in now.

And yes I know what you mean about the hammer. I'm on the fence about going.
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Definetly don't sound like meatal stenosis . Tell your son that his pee stream is normal especially during seperation because when my boy who was also 3 1/2 yrs old when he had his first seperation issues he would have his pee go in a different direction.

I learned that was because the one side of the foreskin was more unattached than the other side .

Also, when your son pees does he ever hold his penis ?

When my boy made a couple messes with his pee stream shooting all over the place . He finally got the clue to grab his penis as in hold his penis straight then if he has feeling like his pee is going to be quite a spray he backs up kinda squeezes himself a little then his pee can come out slowly than like an uncontrolled hose like you see on those scooby doo cartons when they are swinging around on the hose . When the foreskin balloons it can bring the pee out into such a rush that it can startle kids sometimes it even hit my boy in the face a few times before he realized he could control his pee action .

My boy is almost 6 he has alot of fun with realizing he could make his foreskin act like a squirt gun when he was little he would go ka-pow , but now he has gotten more retractable but not fully yet but his pee don't shoot up even when he's not holding himself he can lean in and pee straight but still pretty long stream sometimes still.

On your other post since you mentioned spots of blood that can definetly still be from seperation because it's not coming out of his urine because as seperation begins it can lead to open tears that may sometimes cause a hint of bleeding that could also get mix in with smegma so once smegma is out it may leave more of a wet spot in the underwear then it may assume that he may have peed blood but in reality it's just smegma that brought the blood out but smegma can vanish pretty quickly .
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Meatal stenosis is a complication of circ (as i said in your other thread.) Your Dr is showing his ignorance.

Don't go to the urologist, they have an extreme tendency to forcibly retract and such. Of course some are fine and great, but why risk it when so many are not. I really haven't seen anything in you post that warrants a trip to a urologist.

To help your DS aim: Get some floating breakfast cereal, such as cheerios, fruitloops, etc (we use very cheap store brand fruitloops.) Throw a handful into the toilet water. Tell him to "sink the targets." Suggest that he manipulates his foreskin gently to improve aim, pulling it and pushing it in various directions.

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When my ds first started out peeing standing up he would actually stretch his foreskin out instead of pulling it back. It worked for him and he didnt miss much. He did do the dribble thing followed by the stream still does actually so it is normal for him.

Like a pp said if he retracts enough to just show the urethral opening then the sideways stream should resolve. Since retraction isnt an even process it can cause the foreskin to be uneven which can cause the stream to be off much like putting your finger over the end of a garden hose.

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Sounds like the doc is confusing phimosis with meatal stenosis... and it doesn't sound like your kiddo has either!

Your hubby had meatal stenosis, and it would be unbelievably rare to find a genetic link there. It's scar tissue from friction, in a nutshell.

I will echo pps and say, yes, it could be normal separation.

I want to throw out another possibility-- yeast. It can make the skin dry, itchy, and tight. It can make the preputial sphincter less elastic. It can make the skin thinner and more likely to get small tears and bleed. It can burn like he!! when peeing if there are tears.

Here is the part that sucks-- anyone can get acclimated to the pain/itch/irritation. And I found out the hard way that some kids will WILL things to feel better by saying they do (DD's eardrums ruptured before we knew anything was wrong, other than she was cranky all the time and basically "acting her age." She insists she feels fine with a 104 fever and incredibly red strep-throat. ) So, he could -theoretically- have a continuous yeast infection that causes more pain with tears, when he tells you about it.

Good news-- you can get an OTC yeast test kit at any major pharmacy! woo-hoo! OR, you can just get a tube of Monistat 7 day cream (or store equivilant). Apply 2-4X a day, per instructions, don't retract, just dab some on.. if it's yeast, the preputial sphincter should relax within a couple days.

As for pee going every which way, that's just normal When my nephews potty learned, they would hop on the toilet facing the tank: the same way as if standing. It seemed to keep the spraying in the bowl pretty well and they could balance and practice aiming without being on their tip-toes

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