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The good news is that this is some mainstream press "normalizing" intact babies, the bad news is that NPR- of all news orgs- has posted a ridiculously one-sided, lopsided article. Grrr . . .

listen (or read) the report here:

Please do leave a comment for NPR- their reporting here is a farce with how they don't even pretend to present both sides.

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Ugh! Fairly significant medical benefits that intactivists are ignoring, my a$$.

It also says that intavtivists are far too emotional over the whole thing. Bah humbug!!!

I did not listen to it, I just read it. Should I have listned? Did they even interview any intactivists?
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NPR has been quite supportive of circumcision in regards to HIV in the coverage I've heard previously. I didn't catch this story.
I am not surprised.

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I happened to hear part of this story earlier this evening, and was so disappointed to hear the interviewer *laugh* while saying the word "intactivists." That didn't seem like good journalistic ethics.

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Oh, and they presented the ideas that 'intactivists' basis for their anti-circ stance was 'emotional'. Very poorly done.

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I've considered NPR to be a farce for a very long time. I listen to them while driving, but it would be cold day in hell before I ever donated to them, or took them really seriously as a reliable source for anything.

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I have to say, I'm not surprised. I never thought it would be this bad though. I stopped listening to them in '07 after they started to propagate the "Circumcise to prevent AIDS" study. I caught on to their scheme when the BBC pressed the "studies" on air. At the end he scoffed and said the "researchers" were paying the studio to advertise the "study".
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One of the AAP committee's chief Medical Ethics consultants suggested that something must be done about the AAP's "neutral stance" of 1999. The public has apparently acted irresponsibly based on its interpretation of the last statement, in part because of "the internet". This must be supplanted with doctors carrying the true message.

From the interview referenced above: "[The] decrease in the number of circumcisions [is] probably a result of a number of factors," Diekema says. "About 10 years ago, the American Academy of Pediatrics came out with a policy statement that was fairly neutral on whether circumcisions should be recommended for newborns or not. And that probably changed the way physicians were talking to their families."

In other words, it is imperative that this next statement not be neutral. The CDC and AAP must act now to reverse this disturbing trend because, according to Diekema, [circumcision confers] a fairly substantial, important reduction in the risk of contracting many sexually transmitted infections. In newborns, there is a decreased likelihood of getting a urinary tract infection and the risks of circumcision are considerably lower in the newborn population.

Doug Diekema doesn't want the AAP to be the bad guy here, but someone has to tell parents how important circumcision is. The AAP's hands are tied; if they "recommend" circumcision and something goes wrong, they have exposed their entire professional association to legal liability. Therefore, he says, "A doctor's role is to make sure the family is aware of the risks and benefits of the procedure." In plain English, sell it harder. Much harder.

Diekema is urgent. He implies throughout the interview that intactivists do not care about the health of the child and ultimately that is all that matters. Circumcision is low risk, high benefit, and it's utterly incomprehensible for parents not to choose it, even if that's their right.

Effectively countering these arguments means understanding where these sentiments come from. My best guess is that each and every person on the Task Force is personally affected by and invested in circumcision. For many years now they have talked about the terrible stigma of being among the few, unfortunate boys with foreskin in the neighborhood/locker room, and how unfair it is to relegate those innocent children whose parents may be on public assistance to an uncircumcised life of ridicule and increased health risks. But now the tide is turning and they fear the stigma of being the new minority... yes, karma can be difficult, it seems.

But what does this mean for a response? Is their attempt this time already "too little, too late"? I'll bet most people will yawn, at least until the associations and agencies take affirmative steps to reinstate funding for unnecessary circumcisions. And I feel awful for the parents here whose spouses next year can wave a document saying, "See? They now say it's beneficial!" Of course, we'll be the lone developed country saying so...
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So, go and make a comment. Maybe they will do another story from our side!
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I can not believe how wrong this article was. NPR has lost all credibility with me when it comes to medical reporting.

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"It's also worth pointing out that our population is becoming increasingly Hispanic," says Diekema, "And that's a population that has not traditionally circumcised their babies."
This one just really bugs me. The vast majority of people born in the US come from ethnicities that didn't traditionally circumcise until a Dr just did it, while mom was still high as a kite on the drugs they gave her and dad was stuck in a waiting room waiting for the baby to be shown to him for 5 minutes through a thick window, without consulting either of them. This isn't some unique thing that only Hispanics do. RIC doesn't happen in Ireland, RIC doesn't happen in Germany, RIC doesn't happen in China, RIC doesn't happen in Sweden, RIC doesn't happen in India, RIC doesn't happen in Italy, etc, etc.

Yes it is true that Hispanic culture doesn't circ, but they are just one of the majority of non-circ'ing cultures in the world. It is also true that the Hispanic population in the US is growing, but that doesn't change the fact that the majority of people from other ethnicities are obviously no longer just going along with whatever the Dr wants to do.

Even if we all got the idea of not circ'ing from someone we knew who was Hispanic, so what. Is he trying to imply that there is something wrong with that?

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I say we are bringing back our boys True Heritage in the family and I'm for sure my ancestors that came from Italy on Mom's side and Ireland on my dad's side are happy that I didn't fall for the USA trap. The most reason was because my son's father is intact but then later I learned how bad circumcision is and each time I hear how some people favor it so much I'm like going that is cuckoo.
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Luckily I copied the message to the clipboard first... I will keep trying. Thanks for alerting me

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