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My 9 year old intact son is home today from an emergency apendectomy yesterday. During pre-op they cath'd him. In doing this he was severly retracted and today his penis is swollen. Add to this the burning he is experiencing when he urinates from the cath and I have a little boy who held his urine from 6 this morning until almost 7 tonight. My question is twofold. First, is there anything I "need" to do regarding the swelling he is experiencing. Second, any suggestions for the severe burning he is feeling. I am going tomorrow to get some peppermint oil to help stimulate urination. I was so not prepared for this!!!

Thanks Mama's
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Sorry your little guy had to have surgery. Scary. I would encourage him to drink so his urine isn't as concentrated, and let him pee in the bathtub of warm water (just a couple inches deep, enough for him to sit in it and have his penis in the warm water to remove the sting of peeing, but not enough to have his appy incision in the water. You should only have to do this for the next 24 plus hours or so, he'll heal pretty quickly from the trauma of being cath. I don't think they needed to retract him to cath him...

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Give him a cup of comfortable temperature water to pee in. Not just pee into, but have him submerge the whole tip of his penis while peeing. It should help with the burn.

The foreskin was returned to its correct unretracted position? If it wasn't, it can get stuck back there which is serious.

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Why did they even need to cath him for a appendectomy ? I'm for sure the underwear was of but when I had my gallbladder taken out there was no catheters so I suggest you write a complaint & send information to the ER department how to cath a intact boys without retracting.

Does he still have the cath ? If not then they proably reretracted him to get the cath out.

Get some things like sitz for a sitz bath and tell him to sit in it or just have him take warm showers and say pee in the shower that should help his stinging during peeing.

there is some spray that women use when they have espistomy and I'm thinking maybe that could help but don't know what it's called.

The swelling will subside on it's own.

Do not need to use peppermint oil.
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I would go with the urination in water. My peri bottle was so helpful after having the kids because of the burning from the skid marks.

I would also after this is all over sit down and write a letter to the Dr. who did the surgery how they hurt your ds and that by doing so they opened themselves up for a lawsuit. This lawyer will write one for free. It isnt saying you will sue but lets them know that you could for what they did to your ds.

The attorney for Doctors Opposing Circumcision, John Geisheker, will send a letter to the doctor/nurse/hospital pro bono (free) on your behalf telling them what they did was wrong and the consequences. It isn't a letter stating you'll sue, but it is fully referenced and ought to get their attention.

Email him at [email protected]

Before you contact John, you will need the following information:

The name of the doctor or nurse who did this, the name of his/her practice and their (snail) mailing address.

The name of the hospital where the doctor has privileges, (the hospital where they practice) and the mailing address. (even if it didn’t happen at the hospital)

The name of the CEO or Administrator of the hospital. (even if it didn't happen in the hospital, find out where the offending doctor has privileges and send it to those hospitals)

The name of the hospital's risk manager.

The name of the head of the department (OB, peds, emergency, etc.)

Letters will also be sent to:

The state medical board in your state.

The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (hospitals fear them like a boogeyman).

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Also, remember that caths can cause UTIs... so if the burning doesn't clear up quickly you may want to take him in for a urine test.

Poor guy!!

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