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TheMoMo's Avatar TheMoMo 06:46 PM 11-17-2010

Hello all! We're having some problems and I'm looking for some ideas/feedback.


My 4 yr old has recently been wetting the bed, despite being completely dry at night for over a year. A couple of weeks ago he mentioned in passing that it hurt to pee, but then all was fine until Saturday night. That evening, my son was having a hard time having a bowel movement and there was much effort, pushing, etc. When he got up from the bowl, there was blood that had run into the water from his penis, and some blood on the tip. It's been like that since then...he says the tip of his penis hurts after the initial stream of urine is over, and when the urine's done there are some watery drops of blood that follow.


We went to the ped Monday morning and just got the result that, despite his symptoms of urgency, pain and frequent urination, it isn't an infection. The ped was very anti-circumcision and said to be sure not to let a urologist, if it came to that, pressure us into circ'ing. Well, now that it's not a UTI, the urologist is the next step.


Does this sound at all like separation? For the first time, when he pulls back his foreskin there's a little bit of the head of his penis showing. Is there anything I can do to confirm that it's separation before we get to the urologist? Any other input or advice?


Thank you all, for any help and just for being here.



eepster's Avatar eepster 08:06 PM 11-18-2010

Sorry to say, that it doesn't sound like separation.


Don't let the urologist retract.  GL



MCatLvrMom2A&X's Avatar MCatLvrMom2A&X 08:10 PM 11-18-2010
That is a tuff one for sure. He could have irritation of the urethra without an infection causing the irritation but I dont think that much blood would be from separation without some other things showing up with his penis. I would think there would be swelling and redness.

I do think in this case a visit to the urologist is in order but do make sure that no retraction happens. Good luck to you and your ds figuring this one out. Please let us know what the Dr. says.
Mom2Brendan's Avatar Mom2Brendan 11:10 AM 11-19-2010

Does your son partially retract that you can see his meatus ? Do you know if the blood comes from his meatus or the foreskin ? Do you figure it comes from the meatus because of the blood in the urine and can you see him peeing blood ?


Did he hurt his penis at any time ?


Is he peeing blood every time ?




EarthRootsStarSoul's Avatar EarthRootsStarSoul 06:29 AM 11-21-2010

Constipation can make it difficult to completely empty the bladder, subsequently leading to urinary problems.  Treat the constipation first and see what happens. 

TheMoMo's Avatar TheMoMo 08:54 PM 11-26-2010

Thanks so much for the replies! His bleeding did stop, thankfully, one week after it started with the last few days of it being very little. He goes to the urologist on December 9, so hopefully we'll be able to get to the bottom of it. It just seems too coincidental that it all started on a day when he'd been repeatedly straining to have a bm. He doesn't normally have constipation issues and I've been careful to make sure he doesn't have it again, at least till this is all sorted out. I'll be sure to update when I know anything more, in case someone else comes here with a similar problem.