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This is really two questions, but I'll post both here.  My infant has been having small spots of blood in his diaper from urine.  He started having it around 6 weeks old and it happened 2-3 times in a week.  So I called the doctor.  They took a urine sample and it came back contaminated.  By this time it had been a week and a half and he just had a little red spot in a wet diaper every 2-3 days.  Since the sample was contaminated they wanted to do a catheter sample.  I really didn't want to subject him to that and thought about saying no, but I figured we needed to find out what this was or he could get really sick.  I asked the nurse if she knew how to do a cath on an uncircumcised baby and she said yes.  But she pulled back his foreskin  to see the tip of his _____ (is it the glans?  what is it called?).  This worried me and then I saw a drop of blood and freaked out and got really mad at them.  I think they were scared of me or something, because they didn't say much but called the doctor's office and had the nurse from there tell me that they thought it was a clot of old blood that was caught under the foreskin.  To be honest I didn't know whether to believe them or not.  Maybe it was.  Is it retraction if they just expose the end?  Would that make him bleed?  Could it have been a little clot of old blood from birth or something?  I am new to the no circ thing.  We circed our oldest and I really regret it--it hurts my heart to think I did that to him, but we thought it was the best thing at the time. 

So that's the first question.  His urine sample came back with no bacteria and just a small amount of blood in the urine.  They said it might just be from that clot, but that doesn't make sense entirely since the catheter took a sample from they bladder.  I thought he was okay, but not quite one week later he had another spot of blood, and just now another six days later he has had it again.  I haven't talked to the doc yet as we are on vacation, but we have an appointment as soon as we get back.  What can cause blood in the urine?  Can allergies cause it?  We have noticed a dairy sensitivity when I eat dairy and I have cut that out as much as possible on vacation.  He also has a lot of cradle cap/excema.  I am wondering if there is not another food sensitivity/allergy.  Could that cause the blood? 

I appreciate any input so I can go in to the dr. appt informed as much as possible. TIA!

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I am not a doctor, so keep that in mind.


It is called the glans.  At birth, typically the glans is attached to the foreskin, that is why no one should retract the foreskin except the boy.


Sometime between infancy and puberty the foreskin becomes seperated.  This can cuase beelding, pain and swelling, but quickly goes away with no interaction genreally needed other than to make the boy more comfortable, such as baths.


If the blood was from the foreskin seperation, some boys are even seperated before birth, then there is no problem.  A drop or two of blood sounds like this is a possibility.  However, if the blood is coming rfrm within the bladder, then further tests should be conducted.  Blood from within the bladder has nothing to do with his foreskin, so from everything I have heard so far, there should be no discussion of circumcision.


It sounds like further examination and testing is warranted if they got a good sample from his baldder, with the catheter.


Since it is impossible to tell how far a foreskin can be retracted without causing injury, the rule is that the only one to retract a forerskin should be the owner.  However, if the doctor or nurse simply moved the foreskin gently back to visualize the tip of the glans, the risk of injury is low. 


Best wishes

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At your babies age I am thinking brick dust. It is caused by slight dehydration and is pretty common my ds had it when he was about a week old I called the ped and since he wasnt circed they told me he would probably need to be. This was over the phone. I took him to the MW later that day for a baby check up and he had it in his diaper there and she told me what it was brick dust. It has nothing to do with intact or circ boy or girl they can all have it. When you see it increase your nursing and it should disappear.

As for retracting to do a cath. they are only supposed to flair the foreskin enough to make sure both holes line up so they can insert it.

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A clot of old blood looks very different from fresh blood, so to determined if it was a clot or fresh blood from being retracted you need to remember what color it was.  Was it dark brownish red?  Then it was an old clot.  Was it bright red?  then it was fresh blood they caused.


The simple act of putting in the catheter explains blood in any urine since then.  If there really was a clot inside the tip of his foreskin before they cath'd him, then small amounts of it may have been staining his urine whenever he peed.


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