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My nine month old son was retracted by his pediatrician at his six month checkup. At his nine month checkup (yesterday), I requested that she not pull back on his foreskin and she said, "Oh, you've probably read online not to do that. You're just supposed to do it gently, like this" and proceeded to retract him again. DH didn't come, but he was mad that I didn't push her out of the way and take my baby off the table, but to be honest I was just so shocked that she could completely disrespect my wishes that I couldn't even speak. DS didn't cry, but she pulled it back far enough to expose the head of his penis. I put some diaper cream on it when we got home and it seems fine today outwardly. 


As she was retracting him, she said, "Wow, his goes back really far for this age."  I have never pulled on his foreskin and he hasn't done it himself at nine months old, so I wouldn't know. He has never had any babysitters and was never retracted by anyone other than this particular pedi - twice. She pointed out that he had some smegma and told me that I needed to be cleaning it in the bathtub, and commented again on how surprised she was that it went back that far with him only being nine months old.


So now I don't know what to do. Obviously, we're switching pediatricians. And I'm still not planning on touching his foreskin. But should I be concerned that she said it could go back so far? Does that mean he's partially retractable already?


I'm just so upset and worried that she did my baby permanent harm. :(

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It means that he is retractable enough to see the tip of the glans which is normal for him. That dosnt mean that she was right in any form she shouldnt have done what she did.

Odds are your ds will be fine so I wouldnt worry about that to much. Just watch him for signs of infection and make sure no one ever does this again. I know what it is like to be caught off guard it happened to me the first time with ds though I did push the ped's hands away and tell him to stop.

If you do switch Dr. be sure to write a letter and send it to this one letting her know why you are leaving so that maybe she will rethink how she treats others.

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OH! The nerve of some doctors! You told her not to retract your son, and she did it regardless! There is no reason for anyone to retract your son, not even "gently". I am so angry at that doctor and I wasn't even there.


Of course there will be smegma under the foreskin. There is supposed to be smegma in there. If a doctor were to go digging around in a baby girl's labia folds, they'd find smegma there too but for some reason girls aren't subject to this ridiculous practice.


I totally understand how shocked you are. Chances are there is no permanent harm done to your son. If you switch peds, I'd be sure to tell the new one that no retracting means exactly that.

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I wouldn't have gone back to her after she retracted at the last visit. She wouldn't have gotten a second chance to retract.

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Permanent damage is very unlikely, that is generally a concern from frequent repeated retraction.  The main reason we make such a fuss over single incidences of retraction is that it carries risk of immediate problems (paraphimosis, infection) and causes discomfort.  The biggest danger, which is paraphimosis, would have been immediately evident, so you don't need to worry about that one now.  Just keep an eye on it for a couple of days for signs of infection.

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I just wanted to give you a big huge hug2.gif and let you know I am really sorry that happened. It sounds like everything is going to be fine with your son, but make sure you document everything, just in case it isn't. I don't blame you for feeling violated some doctors just have one track minds and honestly some of them don't listen too well either. 


Just my opinion here but if I were in that situation -  after finding a new pediatrician, one that was very clear on my expectation and knew why I was leaving the other, I would make a consult appointment with the old one and let her know why I was leaving and I'd also fill my insurance in as well as to why the switch was being made. Nothing confrontational or upset. Just an exchange of information ... if nothing else she'll hopefully be more considerate of other parents in the future. Documenting incidents like this is always a good safety net.


Originally Posted by LilMama23 View Post

I'm just so upset and worried that she did my baby permanent harm. :(


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