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My DS has retractile testes (meaning they can be pushed down in to the scrotum, but they never stay there on their own- the cremaster muscle keeps them up in his body).  Our ped. mentioned that we would need to see a urologist if it does not resolve by 15 months, and at 12, almost 13 months it is still the same.  So, I am trying to prepare myself for a urologist and possible surgery.  My ped. has never touched DS's penis, and I feel very fortunate for that.  But I worry about a urologist (he should have no reason to touch his penis if we are going for a testicle issue), but if he does need surgery to correct this, will they have to cath him?  I really worry about that.  Ugh.  Does anyone know anything about this?  Thanks!

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It is common to cath during that surgery (I don't know if it is strictly necessary though.)  Urologist can be the worst about forcefully retracting.  


It is okay to meet several before you choose one.  You can ask around your area for recommendations for foreskin friendly ones, and/or contact Doctors Opposing Circumcision (DOC) for recommendations.  Interview all Drs and ask open ended questions that aren't leading to assess their true opinions/knowledge.


Read all consent forms very very carefully.  Make sure the Dr who you chose and spoke with actually is the one doing the surgery (years ago a poster's child was circ'd during a diagnostic procedure that was done by a different Dr than the one the parents had spoken with and thought would do the procedure.)   Be extremely clear about what you do not give consent to do.


Ask about the possibility of using a condom catheter, if the only concern is him peeing on the site during surgery.   If they are concerned about urine retention, and he needs to be cath'd, try asking for a NICU nurse to do the cath.  Or, If you can get a foreign trained pediatric nurse from a non-circ country (Ireland, India, etc) they should know how to do it.

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Like eepster said cover all your bases making sure they understand you do not want his penis touched in any way. I have heard of a Dr. actually arguing with a parent about how the Dr. always retracted and if the penis wasnt retractable the Dr. ripped it loose to allow for retraction. The parent had a hard time convincing this Dr. to leave her ds's penis alone greensad.gif Another mother talked about how the Dr. did the forced retraction and she only noticed after they left the hospital and her ds started screaming in pain when he urinated greensad.gif when she confronted the Dr. he explained that he always did that procedure (ripping the foreskin free) if the child wasnt retractable yet.

I like the idea of contacting nocirc and getting the name of a foreskin friendly urologist near you so you wont only be stressing about his surgery but whether he will come back to you the way he went in.

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My son had an orchioplasty for an undescended testicle and inguinal hernia back in 2007. We were clear with the pediatric urologist at Children's hospital in Pittsburgh that he wasn't to touch our sons penis. He told us he had no reason to, "it is a non-issue" were (some) of his exact words. He outright lied to us. I may very well be the mama that the post above is referring to as I did not realize until we were an hour away from the hospital that he was surgically and forcibly retracted. Our family went through a huge ordeal. Filed a complaint with the board of ethics at the hospital, filed a formal complaint with the State Licensing Board. They found just cause to conduct a formal investigation, but the doctor claimed he retracted because my son had phimosis (we know that isn't possible for a 2 yr old and know he was developing just fine and normally). I appealed the decision but nothing ever came of it. Now, interestingly, the doctor isn't practicing anymore, so I wonder if something happened internally (within the hospital) that pushed him out-and I'm glad he cannot hurt anymore children with his ignorance. 

My advice (and I'm VERY serious) is EVERYTHING EVERYONE HAS SAID prior to my post... but one more VERY important thing: write, with a thin sharpie, the day of your son's surgery, above his penis, "Do NOT circ OR RETRACT, or you will be SUED". Also, I would suggest having a very direct conversation with the doctor (make sure noone else will be meddling with you son...) about the AAP policy on intact care. As a matter of fact, I would print it and highlight the section on forced retraction. (Also, you can sign the consent forms, but write something to the effect, "I do not consent to any circumcision or forced retraction of my son's foreskin...this notice supercedes anything that may suggest within this context of this form that it is up to the discretion of the surgeon to circ/retract."-signed, mama bear...

Hope everything works out well....

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I also think you need to have your demand that his foreskin be left alone in writing and signed by the medical staff that will be attending your son.  I would set up an appointment with the anesthesia people and have a meeting with THE anesthesiologist who will be caring for your son during his surgery.  The general practice, as I understand it, is that you get assigned some random anesthesiologst.  It is possible to have a specific one selected and for you to have a pre-op meeting with him/her in person.  (I know, I did it many years ago for myself.)   I would have this person sign your statement.

I would run through the list of people who will be caring for your child and have them sign a statement that they have read, understand and agree not to retract your son - including the surgeon, the anesthesiologist, the OR nurse, the recovery room nurse. 

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