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One of our friends just went in and had their son cir'd today.  Everytime one of my friends does this I have nightmares for days before and can't sleep.  Having pleasant conversations with them doesn't work because...the topic isn't pleasant and most people are VERY opinionated one way or another.  Most of them believe the myths...


So that brings me to my point.  What in the world can I do?  How can this be made illegal?  Is there some sort of "group" I can join thats working towards passing a law to prohibit MGM?!  :( :( :(  I'm heartbroken for her little boy and I can't take it anymore!

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look into nocirc. just google it. there are some things you can do to help.


also you need to be able to let go of the hurt. it will fester inside you. i speak from experience. also google EFT tapping. works wonders for me. it helps me to let go of that feeling where everything is tight in my shoulders and head. i can feel the anxiety release. <<hugs>>

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Also there is mgmbill.org It's a great informative website.

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Every nephew I have is circumcised.  Many of my friends have circumcised their sons.  Other than providing information and links and telling them what I would do if I were to have a son (NOTHING) - right now, it's a decision that parents are allowed to make, legally. It's really lousy and wrong, and I'm with you -- as I learned more about the damages of circumcision, it has become more and more difficult to hear from family and friends that they're circumcising. 


States that have defunded Medicaid payments for circumcision (I believe California was the first) have much lower circumcision rates.  A few years ago, there were posts on this board asking for volunteers from states which still funded circumcisions via Medicaid,  to contact legislators and Health Departments in those states.  They had packets of information, form letters to modify and personalize, etc.  I sent my packets off to my local representative, senator, and the State Dept. of Health at the beginning of our most recent legislative session.  My state is one of the few in the country which is operating in the black, so I think there was less worry about balancing the budget here (nothing came of it this session, we'll see whether they introduce something next year); but in states which are cutting funding, this can be a potentially painless cut for them to make, and it's pretty easy to make a persuasive argument that it shouldn't be funded (not recommended by medical groups, considered a "cosmetic" surgery which isn't supposed to be covered anyway, declining rates nationwide, etc.). 


It's a small thing - but, at the same time, it can really make a difference.  I don't know whether your state funds circumcisions, but if they don't, that might be an angle to take to begin reducing rates.  I think it was NoCirc which was coordinating the legislative approach - I believe South Carolina quit funding them this February, as a result....

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Ok. I have no clue about how to stop the actual circing. But I do know how you can stop the nightmares. Google lucid dreaming. You can learn how to control your dreams. Then you can rush in and save the poor baby! It can be very thereputic!

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i didn't read the other responses, but i have found typing out (i do this right before bed on an iphone so it doesn't keep me up at night - pen & paper would likely work too ;-)) all the thoughts in my head works wonders for me.  i've done it many times about my nephew, whom i do not know if he is intact or not, b/c i think his parents are negligent (he has had a flat head since he was 3.5 months old :-(). 


i also make donations in honor of those who i know were circ'd or am unsure about to organizatiosn that work to stop this atrocity.  but since when i make a donation to one of these places, they don't give a spot for you to identify this, it is something no one else knows.  i remember at least one person here saying that this would infuriate them; cutting people w/o their consent infuriates me.


even w/ these things, it is still hard, very, very hard, to get over.  (((hugs)))



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