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Hi, Im hoping someone can help me with some questions about my son's circ. 


My son was (regrettably) circ'd at birth and is now three. We noticed at 2 months old the skin had re-adhered to the tip.  There is also quite a bit of skin left around his penis. I have switched Drs a few times and the new ones sometimes don't even know he was even circ'd.  It is a decision we regret so i'm fine if it looks more like an intact penis than not.  He had to have surgery at 1yrs old for an undescended testicle and the urologist asked if we wanted him to re-do it and we said NO and he was actually very supportive and said it is only cosmetic, not reason to do that to him, which was good. 


My question is about the adhesions though. It looks pretty tight where the adhesions are. They are not causing a problem with urination and aren't too close to the opening, but I wonder if these will come apart on their own as he grows? I know this happens naturally with an intact boy, but will it happen with one that was circ'd and then it re-adhered?  I have no desire to put my son through any torture of having his penis messed with, but I wonder if these adhesions will cause him pain, problems in the future. Perhaps even a complex because it may look deformed ( not circ'd, not intact). My instincts have always told me to leave it alone and that it will come apart on its own over time, but I just wonder. Anyone have experience with this??!!  Our current Dr is slightly concerned but she isnt recommending we do anything with him now, just watch and see. 


It makes me sad that we even circ'd him to begin with. :-(  I am expecting our second boy in a couple months and am proud that we are leaving him intact, as God and nature intended!!



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Well, the only real experience I have with this is that my husband has some major adhesions but they give him absolutely no trouble. Just a cosmetic thing as well from what he says. No biggie.
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There is a chance that they will release on their own when he reaches puberty or even before. I personally would wait until puberty and keep the lines of communication open so you can talk to him about it and if they are causing him issues like hurting or getting sore then you can talk to him about having them fixed. It is really simple to do though a bit painful because they use local anesthetic to numb the area then clip the adhesions depending on the size a stitch might be needed or might not.

I wouldnt allow anything to be done until puberty is well established or the adhesions get worse and affect his urine flow.

My dh has an adhesion not very large but it gets sore on occasion but not enough for him to want anything done to it. Even during his Vasectomy the Dr. asked him if he wanted it clipped while he was numb and dh refused vigorously.

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