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Hi, everyone!  I am by no means an expert on intact penises (and neither is my husband), and I haven't found this exact issue on the boards. I hope you can help!


My son started daycare in August, and at the time I never thought to ask about how they care for intact boys. Thankfully, we have never had any issues...until, maybe, now.


The other day I noticed that the tip of my son's penis looked a little pinker than usual in the evening, and it had a little drop of clear fluid at the end (I don't think it was pee, because it seemed a bit more viscous. But it wasn't colored or thick, and he got to it before I could investigate, so it may have been just a drop of pee.)  I tried to gently peek to see if there was any redness/irritation/cracking (which I know now that I shouldn't have done), and it looked ok, just pink. 


My son is constantly grabbing his penis, so I know that could be the issue, but I am wondering if one of the daycare assistants may have partially retracted him. Our daycare has three fulltime teachers, with college-aged assistants who float or work part time a certain number of days/hours a week (it's at a University).  I have no idea who changed his diaper that afternoon, or even who was working when it happened. I know he isn't the only intact boy in the class, and I've never had a reason to be concerned before (I have seen diaper changes on other babies, and they clean it properly, like a finger.)


I hope I'm not making a big deal out of nothing - I would hate to make a scene and have it be nothing. I'm just so paranoid about his penis - we even had a doctor once try to "see how far his foreskin could retract" (I actually went to grab her hand, which stopped her immediately...she hadn't done any damage, thankfully), so maybe I'm just too quick to assume something is amiss.


Does it sound like something happened at daycare, or is this just the start of his foreskin beginning to separate?


Thanks, everyone! I'm glad there's a place to ask these questions, because my google searches were starting to sound increasingly creepy ;)

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It could be as simple as a little diaper rash which will clear up just fine with a little barrier cream.

What I would do however is ask them at the daycare how they care for the intact boys there. It is so much easier to prevent him from being hurt than it is dealing with it after it happens so I would be talking to everyone I could there at the day care and even go so far as to print out the proper way to clean the intact penis and have them place it over the changing station/s so that there is no doubt that everyone knows what is proper.

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Even before I knew how to care for an intact penis (as a daycare lady) I never retracted. I just felt like it was scary! LOL Turns out I was doing just the right thing. Hopefully its just diaper rash. I would talk with them though.

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