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celica18l's Avatar celica18l 10:17 AM 10-12-2011

I have a 3 year old intact son. Last night my mother was taking him to the potty and noticed at the end of his foreskin there is a fluid looking pocket on his foreskin. she said she touched it and some yellow brown snot looking stuff came out of it. Didn't smell at all looked more like boogers than anything else. (I've got a picture).


the pocket is a little bit bigger than a pea and it's not discolored or red he's not bothered by it. I'm iffy about taking him to the doctor because i don't want him to push circumcision.


He tugs at his penis like boys do and doesn't seem too bothered by it.


I've read it could be a smegma pearl but I thought the 'discharge' was white and kind of powdery.


He's peeing just fine, his foreskin has retracted quite a bit with no issues there.


Calm my nerves?

mama24-7's Avatar mama24-7 11:55 AM 10-12-2011

Whenever there is a problem w/ my child (not an injury kind of problem), if there is only one problem, I wait to see if there are any other problems that come up.  So, it sounds like there is only this thing on his penis.  No fever, no complaining, nothing else.  I'd likely try to give warm baths w/ no soap, perhaps w/ baking soda, apple cider vinegar or some other healing type of addition, and see what happens. 


I have yet to see smegma on any of my children, so I can't say for sure, but I believe it is more creamy than powdery, from what I've read.  I'm thinking that makes sense too because of the oils in our skin, etc.  The only powdery thing I can think of to come from our bodies is dandruff & dead dry skin cells.  


And, if you're really worried, you can contact Marilyn Milos, the founder of NOCIRC.  If nothing else, you may get the name/number of an intact friendly doc, should you need one now or in the future.


Best wishes,


celica18l's Avatar celica18l 11:58 AM 10-12-2011

thanks for the reply. I'll keep that in mind. I think the biggest issue is my mother was pushing to go to the doc. I don't scare to easily with my kid,  he's at the age where he can tell me something hurts (as long as it's not provoked). I'll leave it be and try my best to keep him clean and no soap baths.


I'll keep her in mind, would be a good idea to look for a circ friendly doctor.

MCatLvrMom2A&X's Avatar MCatLvrMom2A&X 01:23 PM 10-12-2011
If it is on the tip of the foreskin then my first thought would be a bug bite of some kind. I would put some OTC bacatracin on there to aid in healing and keep and eye on it. If the discharge came from inside the foreskin then odds are it was smegma mixed with some dirt.