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Needsadvicemomm's Avatar Needsadvicemomm 09:18 PM 05-06-2013

I have a almost 15 month old little boy that we did not get circumcised and he the doctors told me to not touch it or start pulling the skin back. I haven't done anything to it and tonight while changing his diaper after dinner I noticed it was a little swollen and he was upset when I was wiping in down. Any thoughts on how I can help him? I thought I might take him in to see the doctor tomorrow if it hasn't gotten better but I just don't know if that is normal......

EchoSoul's Avatar EchoSoul 09:43 PM 05-06-2013

The foreskin will naturally swell if there's an irritant, such as is normally the case during the diapering years. My son's foreskin swelled months ago because he was in a wet diaper for too long, and all I had to do was apply some aloe vera during the next several diaper changes and it was gone. But moms have also used coconut oil, and heck, you could probably even try using breastmilk(which is..pretty much a cure-all?)


In any case, with or without any help the swelling should go down just fine in a little while, :)

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