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The only two reason why circumcision persists is due to ignorance and sexual perversion. The link between circumcision preferences among women and circumcision status of their sons has been very well established both factually and through  enormous amounts of anecdotal evidence. Consider how many times you have seen a woman post in one thread how much she "prefers" circumcised men and then in another discusses how happy she is that she had her sons circumcised.  Women like this also effect the views that men have as well. If a man has been told by his partners that they are happy he is circumcised or reads and/or hears how much women like circumcised men over men that are not circumcised (and therefore how much they like his penis) than he is going to be far more adamant about having his son circumcised, regardless of what his partner at the time may think. (Many of you here have experience in dealing with this type of situation) 


I have heard many state that the motivation of circumcision of males in some is similar to that done to females in that many women prefer circumcised partners in regions where it is practiced and many men in regions where the genital cutting of females is practiced prefer circumcised women. Except that this is not true. Men in these regions or not allowed to take absolutely any part in the procedure or in indoctrinating girls into thinking they have to have it done. This is done solely by women to women, to preserve the honor of the mother, grandmother and so on by ensuring she never humiliates them by breaking the great taboo of infidelity in these regions. Genital cutting of males is the only form of genital cutting where the sexual preferences of the opposite gender play any part at all. 


Ignorance is through a rejection of the fundamental basics of evolutionary biology. All of the countless hundreds or perhaps even thousands of "reasons" given over the years by physicians and random individuals have only been excuses used to cover up their true intentions in order to not look bad. The same reasons apply to those who supposedly have greater reasons to have their sons circumcised, but i am aware that this goes beyond what is allowed to be discussed here.


This is the conclusion that i have reached after studying this topic very heavily for several years. Now i would like your input. Do you believe that it is only really these two reasons for the continuation of circumcision of males around the world and if you do which one plays a greater part?

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Are you doing a study or something?

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I have been conducting this study for several years now, my own personal . After reading through all of the huge amount of scientific studies, historical documents, testimonials, sexual impacts and preferences, the pshychology of those that support circumcision and are against circumcision, basic evolutionary biology, extensive studying of acucullophiles and those with a circumcision fetish, the response parents have when this issue is brought up and how this is influenced by their choice, and the most important of all the constant search for some type of justification among the pro circers, it has become very clear to me that the reasons stated above are the only "real" ones. The others as i have said are merely excuses that hide their true motivations.


I am aware that this may be controversial, so i would like to state that i am referring to pro circumcision women, obviously every individual is going to be different and hold their own views. I am aware that men can also be fanatically in favor of circumcision, but i have discussed why i believe that this is the case above. The days of when many were not even aware that it was possible for a man to spend his entire life without being circumcised are effectively over in most of the U.S. Many are aware that a man can certainly live his life with a foreskin without difficulty, far more than were even just a few years ago, but the real world circumcision rate remains 60%+. 


Many of these parents appear to have some form of compulsion to have their sons circumcised. For men the reasons are going to be due to the enormous psychological impact that having this done to you can have. I believe that the extreme difficulty many men have with facing the reality of their situations and the fact that they had no power, control, or influence over it and will almost never have any opportunity to discuss its impacts with anyone that is willing to listen or attempt to understand allows them to be easily manipulated by even supposedly tiny benefits to want their sons circumcised. Also, any pro circumcision partner they have or any partner that at any point speaks positively of them being circumcised is going to have an enormous amount of either direct (that partner has a son with him) or indirect (he has a son with a different partner) influence over his desire to have his own son circumcised.


For women, the situation appears to be more difficult to comprehend. There appears to be a great desire, perhaps subliminally or perhaps consciously, among many women to have their sons match their own sexual preference. In addition to this there are women who have never been with a circumcised man or whos current partner is not circumcised and still insist that their sons be circumcised. The most famous example that i am aware of with this was the wife of Mario Lopez, several examples of women like this were also found in the Norwegian documentary Mom, why did you circumcise me? Also, at a survey based in Kingston Jamaica, many more women were found to be in favor of male circumcision than men were. I have observed many women state that they even had the experience of hearing or sometimes witnessing the circumcision of their sons and describing how much it disturbed them only to say that they were happy they did it and they would do it to any other sons. Even among those whos sons suffer repeated or severe complications, they are unwavering in their support of it.


It takes a powerful force to be able to drive an individual to be disregarding of the huge amounts of suffering being inflicted upon another individual that they supposedly care about, and the only one powerful enough to do this is sexuality. 

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How would you classify someone who does it for religious reasons?   Perhaps that is a third reason?


I guess for me to agree that those are the only two reasons, I need to broaden those two categories so widely that they start to lose practical meaning.  there are many reasons involved, it seems to me, and without those discussed, trying to distill it down too much does not seem to help me.


For example, if someone says circed looks so much better, I can call then ignorant or perverted, in my mind, but I prefer to think of it as more likely they have been conditioned by their circing culture and expanding their view may help.



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