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The Case Against Circumcision > why do people STILL circumcize?
anythingelse's Avatar anythingelse 05:46 AM 06-12-2004
you asked why do people still circ-
can't speak for everyone but
my thought is it is because largely they feel they do have informed consent
you can call them stupid and ignorant but sometimes parents are researching and misled by the people they trust or they take the advice of older people in their family based on respect for their experiences
I think when you have been raised to respect the opinion of doctors w/o ??ing why and trust them and they take you through a pregnancy and birth experince that rapport is here built up and if they say to circ the baby many mamas especially first time ones will go with the dr input.

OT not about circ but that is how I had a tubal ligation I regret now, i am not ignorant or not caring about my health- I read a lot and did my research, talked to mamas I knew that had done it, found out about how the surgery is done & got a second opinion but even after all that I did not truly have ***informed consent*** I did not fully understand the risks, complications, and side effects possible. I think that is some of what is going on with circ these days.

cottonwood's Avatar cottonwood 12:12 PM 06-12-2004
TexaxSuz wrote: "we have every right to circ our sons"

Actually, you don't. You have the power. Two different things.

No one has *any* right to remove from another person, without their consent, a functioning, healthy part of their anatomy. Period.
cumulus's Avatar cumulus 12:19 PM 06-12-2004
"In fact, in parenting as in all human behaviors, the dictates of biology are often ignored, denied, or overridden for all sorts of social or cultural reasons. The way we bring up children, in fact, often reflects more about our social history and our folkways and our traditions than what babies and children might need and expect."

~ Meredith Small in Kids: How Biology and Culture Shape the Way We Raise Young Children
hvl25's Avatar hvl25 12:34 PM 06-12-2004
Originally Posted by Colorful~Mama
i won't return to the thread - but some people still circumcize because it was commanded by G-d. So if someone believes in G-d and believes that Jesus didn't come to change the Law but to fulfill it, those people would still chose to circumcise their sons in accordance with the covenant.
The Bible also says to sell your daughters into slavery. Are you or anyone else that uses religion as an excuse going to do that?

Are you going to be quiverful and have as many children as God/Bible tells you too? If your going to live by the Bible, then live by it fully, don't pick and choose pieces to fit what your doing at the time.

This is my friends excuse as to why she is going to circ her son : needless to say after many discussions, we aren't really talking right now.
colaga's Avatar colaga 03:51 PM 06-12-2004
I am educated on the subject and I truly feel that it is the best (medically and socially) thing for my son.
Their parents also thought it was the best thing for their children...


DesireeH's Avatar DesireeH 08:12 AM 06-16-2004
I asked my mom this......cause my brothers are circ'd (17 and 21). They were both circ on the 8th day by a ped. Anyways.....she said "thats all we knew then." I remember her crying when I was 6 and my youngest bro was getting circ. He at least got numbed, my mom said my middle brother didnt even get numbed, poor guy. She said it was awful. I wondered why you would do it again when the first time was so awful and then they said because you will "have to do it later, when its worse" bla bla bla.....BUT, if she were to have a baby boy now, I really dont think she would take him in to be circ again (plus, it would be over my dead body!) LOL I showed her (and my brothers) the circ video online and they were like "thats sick" (as in sick and wrong!)

I dont understand how ANYONE in this day and age, could do that to their son. The info is OUT THERE. You can get internet access at a public library, check out a book, etc etc etc. I cannot stand when people (who have access to TONS of info) dont use it. Open your pretty eyes and take a look.......its unnecessary cosmetic surgery!!
loving-my-babies's Avatar loving-my-babies 04:20 PM 06-16-2004
and I must add... it's not even cosmetic! sorry, but intact is WAY more attractive...
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