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AntoninBeGonin's Avatar AntoninBeGonin 02:35 AM 07-26-2005
When I was 20 weeks pregnant with DS we told my parents that we weren't circumcising. They thought we were nuts. Dad even went so far as to compare the natural penis with a dogs(!) Anyhow, fast forward 10 months later and I was talking to Dad again about circumcision. He told me that he was proud of me for making a decision and sticking with it, and that he is supportive of it, too, since I've made it.

Now all I need to do is convince my family to wear one of the anti-circ bracelets Pamini (did I spell your name right? ) has mentioned before.

: my little booby bandito, Antonin

I love my super supportive DH

Our kitties!

njeb's Avatar njeb 10:13 AM 07-26-2005
Yup! When people see firsthand that the intact penis is nothing to be afraid of, the myths dissolve rather quickly.
Isn't it great when family members come around?