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The Case Against Circumcision > How old is your intact son?
ozzyemm's Avatar ozzyemm 02:53 AM 02-08-2006
My DS is 7 weeks tomorrow !!

Also, my dad, all four brothers, and all four nephews are intact as well!

AntoninBeGonin's Avatar AntoninBeGonin 04:22 AM 02-08-2006
Antonin is 17 months--he's getting so big! Little brother or sister will follow in his footsteps

We're white. Dh is half Polish, half Scots-German. I'm a quarter Italian with some other European tossed in. I grew up in the South, he grew up in the Midwest. We're the non-circ'ing pioneers in our families, though since my grandpa and uncle are immigrants I doubt they are circumcised (unless it was for the army)

phatchristy's Avatar phatchristy 01:29 PM 02-08-2006
3 months! I have two older girls, if either of them had been boys they wouldn't have been cut either!

Sadly, my brother had his two sons, 8 & 2 cut...only for the reason that they needed to "look like dad" . Irony being....I recently found out from my mother that my father was indeed intact!!!

We broke the cycle of MGM in our family...DH was cut. My father was not, but my brother was.

I have to say that the information on the internet was a BIG help to all of us researching our decision. Of course, I had great midwives and an excellent pediatrician who spoke out against circumcision!

I am in Florida.
Marsupialmom's Avatar Marsupialmom 02:33 PM 02-08-2006
My son is 11 and all there.
utahandy's Avatar utahandy 03:11 PM 02-08-2006
I hsve one 14 year old intact boy. I also have 4 intact girls.
utahandy's Avatar utahandy 03:15 PM 02-08-2006
Originally Posted by KindRedSpirit
Mine is 6.I've seen 2 other intact and one has since had a surgery at 6 or 9 months,leading to (unnessesary)circumcision.(he was retaining water around there or something...)We're in Utah.
I'm from Utah also. I know of quite a few intact boys in my area. But I know Utah has a high circ rate.
Minky's Avatar Minky 06:00 PM 02-08-2006
Our son is intact right now in the womb and will remain intact.
Tinijocaro's Avatar Tinijocaro 06:11 PM 02-08-2006
Originally Posted by Microsoap
I think this first post is so cool because one thing that keeps me forever curious reading about your lives is the states some of you intactivists with intact males live in and their ages (I check signatures and member info in the "location:" blank). I _sincerely_ don't know why, but it gives me a real sense of satisfaction/happiness knowing for example, there's 10-year-old intact boy born in Buffalo and running around with a foreskin there.
If your example refers to my 10 year old in Buffalo- you can be REALLY glad, cause in a six block radius of my village home, there is also 1 year old Ben, 1 year old Grady, 3 year old Andrew, 5 year old Skyler, 2 year old Aiden, and my 6 year old Joey- ALL INTACT. Those are just the ones I know about- I'm sure there are more. How can the circ rate be 90 percent in Buffalo if I've found this many in such a small area in my little town?
beanandpumpkin's Avatar beanandpumpkin 06:43 PM 02-08-2006
Justin just turned 5.
Past_VNE's Avatar Past_VNE 07:00 PM 02-08-2006
There's 13 month old Jett here in Bethlehem, PA!!!

I also know of 9 year old Ray and a little guy who's <1, who are intact. Also, the guy at my local Chinese restaurant is having a boy in a few days who will be intact, if we understood each other correctly.
joandsarah77's Avatar joandsarah77 07:35 PM 02-08-2006
my ds is 16 months and no problems.

4 intact nephews range from 5-15. I'm not sure if I know any circed boys here I think there all intact.
dnr3301's Avatar dnr3301 09:19 PM 02-08-2006
my ds is 2 (or will be in a month).
Microsoap's Avatar Microsoap 09:45 PM 02-08-2006
Originally Posted by momtoDNJ
Both my boys are intact

almost 3 and 1 yrs old

ETA: DH is 25 and intact, my brothers are 24 and 19 and are intact and my dad is 56 and also intact
OMG, that totally rox!!!
Microsoap's Avatar Microsoap 09:55 PM 02-08-2006
Originally Posted by Tinijocaro
If your example refers to my 10 year old in Buffalo- you can be REALLY glad, cause in a six block radius of my village home, there is also 1 year old Ben, 1 year old Grady, 3 year old Andrew, 5 year old Skyler, 2 year old Aiden, and my 6 year old Joey- ALL INTACT. Those are just the ones I know about- I'm sure there are more. How can the circ rate be 90 percent in Buffalo if I've found this many in such a small area in my little town?
Well, I'm grinning ear to ear at all these intact boys in various areas of the country... well, 2 countries (including Canada) and it's further proof there's a scare tactic going on in the U.S. that makes people THINK and SAY the circ rate is much higher than it actually is in some cases (for the extreme other end of the scale that say they live in Such-And-Such a city and they're sons are the only intact males they know).

Honestly, there's time I actually get down (feeling) and wonder if we're making progress strong enough to turn the tides of the ocean and make genital integrity the strong force it deserves to be and have the OTHER side (you know, the circ'd supporters) so THEY'RE the ones losing steam!

Keep fighting the good fight because EVERY voice counts!

P.S. A lot of smart cookies in Buffalo!!!!!!
trmpetplaya's Avatar trmpetplaya 04:12 AM 02-09-2006
I have no son yet, but there are at least 5 intact little boys in my church that I know about. They range in age from almost 2 to 9.

Dh is intact and he's 22

love and peace.
grapejuicemama's Avatar grapejuicemama 10:31 PM 02-10-2006

New here, but wanted to chime in!

My perfectly whole ds is 2. We are a white/native american middle class family in rural Eastern Oregon. We're in the minority, but I know probably 10 boys total who are intact.

We are out here!
Nathan1097's Avatar Nathan1097 11:22 PM 02-10-2006
My eldest is 8 and my youngest is 4.
lizzie's Avatar lizzie 02:33 AM 02-11-2006
DS is 3.5 years, we're in N. CO, and he was the first intact penis I had ever really seen ... not withstanding the odd foreign film!

Both my brothers, all my nephews are circ'ed.

But, a gf's ds is intact, and I suspect her nephews and dh are as well...(her mil was an atypically educated mama 30-odd years ago) but haven't asked. They're here in CO as well. And another gf's (in WA) ds is intact. So ds will at least know a couple of intact buddies... not that it will matter.


PS.. all three families mentioned are caucasian.
Traci mom23boys's Avatar Traci mom23boys 03:30 AM 02-11-2006
All 3 are intact, ages 15.9, 13, and 10.5. After my husband saw the circ video my midwife was showing at our homebirth classes, I didn't have beg or plead again. Pictures really are worth 1000 words.

tuffykenwell's Avatar tuffykenwell 04:35 AM 02-11-2006
My intact DS is 3 1/ brother is also intact and he is going to be 40 this year (my mom had an Italian OB who told her circumcision would ruin my brother's sex life so she didn't have it done )

My nephew is also intact and he is 19 (his dad had to be circ'ed -- or was told he had to-- at age 19 and said it was the most painful thing he had ever endured and there was NO WAY he would have that done to a newborn!)

cuqui's Avatar cuqui 10:36 AM 02-11-2006
My son is 4.5 months old, CT. My DH is 45, intact, born in Ireland, he has never had any incidence, infections, rashes, pain, yada yada. My brothers 47 and 43 both intact bron in PR. All me nephews are intact, ranging from 28 to 1 yr old born in PR, NY, VA, & Ireland.

I know of many intact boys amongst my dd's friends, they come over to our pool in the summer and run around naked .

When my sister (in NYC) was born in 1970, my mom signed a consent to have her circ'd had she been a boy. They told her it had to be done .
kxsiven's Avatar kxsiven 11:29 AM 02-11-2006
We have 3,5 years old boy/girl twins - both intact.
CarolynnMarilynn's Avatar CarolynnMarilynn 12:09 PM 02-11-2006
My son is 7 almost 8 and intact. It seemed from his daycare days that about 75% of boys his age were not circumcized. Yay!
LadyMarmalade's Avatar LadyMarmalade 01:57 AM 02-13-2006
I should answer my own question!

My boys are 8 and 5. I don't live in the US, though, so it's normal to be intact where we live.
CRosewhisper's Avatar CRosewhisper 01:01 PM 02-13-2006
My son is 2. His father has a European (Polish/English) background and I have a Mexican background. We live in northern Indiana.
Nathan1097's Avatar Nathan1097 06:56 PM 02-13-2006
"I think our family is like a jigsaw puzzle. All the pieces are kinda the same, but we're all different too - and we fit together to make something really nice." - 8 year old DS.
That's a really neat quote, Caloli
nd_deadhead's Avatar nd_deadhead 07:38 PM 02-13-2006
My twin boys are 11 years old.
LadyMarmalade's Avatar LadyMarmalade 10:53 PM 02-13-2006
Originally Posted by Nathan1097
That's a really neat quote, Caloli
Thanks! He's a really great kid. Sometimes he seems wise beyond his years. Other times he's a typical 8 year old
twins10705's Avatar twins10705 12:06 AM 02-14-2006
4 month old twin boys!

Pariah's Avatar Pariah 03:29 AM 02-14-2006
My intact son is 18 days old! =D
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