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Boodah'smama's Avatar Boodah'smama 05:33 PM 02-14-2006
Our son is 10 months and is 3rd generation whole bodied male! (US, way upstate, NY)

channelofpeace's Avatar channelofpeace 06:39 PM 02-14-2006
My son is 16 months and i also have an intact 2 1/2 yo nephew. My other 3 nephews are circed But, intactness is the norm in my social circle, i can think of 4 boys that are intact. Which is a pretty big deal in Kansas!
123's Avatar 123 01:26 AM 02-15-2006
My boys are 11 years old and 16 months old. Both are intact in sunny South Dakota.
Mountain Chick's Avatar Mountain Chick 01:43 AM 02-15-2006
My son is intact and 12 years old, in sunny Southern California.
suprgrl's Avatar suprgrl 04:06 PM 02-15-2006
My DS is nearly 3 mo and is intact! (It took some convincing with DH- had to fight the "look like Dad" arguement.

I have also talked reason into two of my pg friends. A actually just had her some 2 weeks ago, and B does not know what she is having yet, but if it is a boy they are keeping all of him! I am excited to have like-minded friends to raise our DC together.

Our Dr. said that about 99% of boys are circ'd in central VA. I have my work cut out for me!
mama-a-llama's Avatar mama-a-llama 07:18 PM 02-15-2006
Originally Posted by caloli
So I know I don't really understand a lot of the issues that US parents face when it comes to pressure to circumcise.
My dh (27 and intact) doesn't understand it either. He was really nonplussed when I told him that it's even an issue for some people.
My son is 3 mos and intact. I have 3 nephews who are also intact. We live in PA.
Joyce in the mts.'s Avatar Joyce in the mts. 07:53 PM 02-15-2006
My two sons, 25 and nearly 21 are both intact.

Rhiannon Feimorgan's Avatar Rhiannon Feimorgan 08:05 PM 02-15-2006
My son is 5, his dad was cut, as was his father and brothers but on my side there hasn't been a single cut penis as far back as anyone knows about.
Brisen's Avatar Brisen 09:10 PM 02-15-2006
My boys are 6 and 4. Plus my dh who is about to turn 27... my 19 yo bro... my 55 yo dad... a couple of guys I dated in hs, who would be 29ish now...

The only circ'd male I've seen was a teeny baby getting his diaper changed at a mom's group in my home

(Though I don't mean to imply that I've seen the evidence with ALL of the circ'd males mentioned above)
Lula's Mom's Avatar Lula's Mom 09:28 PM 02-15-2006
My Marcos is 14 months. I know of several other intact babies his age, though they mostly live down in Decatur, like philomom said. I'm in northwest metro Atlanta. Marcos' dad is from Puerto Rico. I was hoping he would be intact, since Hispanic circ numbers are usually lower, but no such luck. Mainland USishness is pervasive in Puerto Rico.
newbad's Avatar newbad 01:34 AM 02-16-2006
My ds1 will be 5 in April, and my ds2 will be 1 in a few weeks, both intact. I know lots of little boys in this area who are intact... and unfortunately lots who are not. It could be close to reaching 50% here.
DarkHorseMama's Avatar DarkHorseMama 01:47 AM 02-16-2006
Originally Posted by Velvet005
9 months. We live in Middle Tn and I do not know of any other intact boys or babies in my area. but like a pp said "change has to start somewhere"
Hi, Tish....I'm in middle TN and I have an intact (2 yr old) DS. Of his three male cousins (9, 3, 1 yrs) in South Africa, all are intact.

At DD's preschool, I've changed a few diapers or assisted with potty time and have only seen one other intact boy out of at least a dozen that I've attended. He, however, is from a very AP the non-circ'ing fits in his case.

I still get sadly surprised when I see a young boy who is circumsized.
D'smomma's Avatar D'smomma 02:59 AM 02-16-2006
I have two intact ds's one is 14 y/o and one is 9 months old. Dh is intact as is one of his brothers and his father who's 83 y/o. None have ever had a problem being intact. Oh and Dh's sister's boys are both intact ages 17 and 19 years. We live in the south east in an area where very few seem to be intact.
AntoninBeGonin's Avatar AntoninBeGonin 03:12 AM 02-16-2006
Originally Posted by Minky
Our son is intact right now in the womb and will remain intact.
AntoninBeGonin's Avatar AntoninBeGonin 03:24 AM 02-16-2006
Adding that I my brother-in-law's fianceƩ's little brother (whew!) is intact. He's in high school.

Both my midwives (they have 11 kids between them) are against circumcision with intact sons.

The Polish and the Colombian immigrants I know both have one intact son each. I guess that isn't too surprising since they both come from intact cultures.

I wish I knew more! It's still not very common in this part of Illinois. I hate hearing about how common it is in Virginia. : I'll have to spread the word some when we go down in May.

Frankly Speaking's Avatar Frankly Speaking 01:59 PM 02-16-2006
Originally Posted by suprgrl
Our Dr. said that about 99% of boys are circ'd in central VA. I have my work cut out for me!
Not to argue, but I seriously doubt that. I know of areas all around Virginia that have rates far below that and Virginia is not a third world country plopped down in America. I suspect the doctor was doing a subtle selling job on you.

I would have thought my area would be a fairly high rate area but this past weekend, I worked a kids fair and was most pleasantly surprised. It quickly became evident that most of the attendees would not/did not circumcise.

99% is an extreme number and I doubt that rate is true anywhere in the country. A study done in Iowa back in the 1980's which was and still is an area with a high circ rate only showed a circumcision rate of 82%. A statement that the rate is 99% anywhere in America these days is suspect and anyone who hears such an extreme statement needs to analyze why such an extreme statement is being made. It is almost impossible that it's true.

Now, 40 years ago, it was certainly true in some areas where doctors circumcised every male baby without asking the parents. A 1973 lawsuit brought that to an end when a doctor circumcised a Jewish baby without consent and that caused a problem with his Bris.

baybee's Avatar baybee 02:18 PM 02-16-2006
A 1973 lawsuit brought that to an end when a doctor circumcised a Jewish baby without consent and that caused a problem with his Bris.


It's interesting to me that the home birth movement in the U.S. really got going in the early 70s. Maybe a lot of the impetus to stay out of the hosp was to protect the boys from being cut. Of course the conditions for mothers--routine episiotomies, routine separation for 24 hrs from the baby, bright lights, enemas, IV's, forced starvation, etc were probably enough. We owe a lot to those early "hippies" who walked away from the cultural agreement of hospital birth.
BurgundyElephant's Avatar BurgundyElephant 09:37 PM 02-16-2006
Four weeks yesterday.
susienjay's Avatar susienjay 03:56 AM 02-17-2006
My almost 2 yo son is intact. I also have a 23 year old brother who is intact.
My dh, dad, fil, bil, and all my male cousins and dh's male cousins are all circed. My son and brother are both Caucasian. My brother is 5th generation 100% German. My son is half German and half a mixture of European ancestry.

We live in Southern California and most of the boys I've seen are intact. I tend to hang out with crunchier moms in general so I'm sure the intact rate is higher among that group of parents. One family my kids play with a lot have 2 intact boys- ages 1 and 5. That family is Hispanic. The area we live in is at least 50% Chinese so I'd guess the circ rate for our area is probably 10-20%. All the Chinese boys whose status I know are intact.
Robin926's Avatar Robin926 02:10 PM 02-17-2006
My DS is 16.5 months.
donnar's Avatar donnar 09:03 PM 02-17-2006
Our intact son is 2, and his baby brother on the way will be just the same! Daddy is circ'ed, but we just didn't feel this was a good reason to do the same thing to him (don't quite get the logic that many people seem to use here, but oh well!).
Paper-Bag-Princess's Avatar Paper-Bag-Princess 04:02 PM 02-19-2006
Sam will be 8 months old on Wednesday!
TigerTail's Avatar TigerTail 04:20 PM 02-19-2006
5 and 3, neither retractable.
Lkg4dmcrc's Avatar Lkg4dmcrc 03:08 PM 02-21-2006
My son is 4 months. Actually - he is the first real live intact male I have seen. My friends thought it was funny that I had never seen an intact one so they bought me a magazine called "uncut". It was an education for me of course. I hope it is the norm from now on in our family.
nikisager's Avatar nikisager 03:34 PM 02-21-2006
My boys are all intact and are 12, 5, and 4. Have never had any probs. My dad who is intact is the one who tlaked me into not getting my oldest boy done, i was 17 and thought it was just something you were supposeed to do at the time, thank goodness for my daddy!!!
Paddington's Avatar Paddington 11:58 PM 02-21-2006
My intact son will be 3 in April, his brother will also be intact come June 2006!

I also have 2 intact nephews--2 and 4 and brother 24.
lotusdebi's Avatar lotusdebi 07:17 PM 02-23-2006
My intact son will be 4 in July.
Any boys I have in the future will, of course, also be intact.
niki_73's Avatar niki_73 07:47 PM 02-23-2006
My DS is 6months and intact so will all future babies. My parents and il 's would have shot me if we had even thought about (my dad is 51 and intact and so is Fil at 56)
aislin_raina's Avatar aislin_raina 08:30 PM 02-23-2006
Owen is almost three~4/29/03
Gavin 6 months~8/29/05
and an intact nephew as well! Xander~10/02/04
geekmediainc's Avatar geekmediainc 08:42 PM 02-23-2006
4 wonderful months.
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