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All medications have some risk factor. Asprin can cause internal bleeding, many people have allergies like mine to penicillin which could kill me, my ex-GF's father died from anesthesia shock in surgery to get his tonsils removed. Should we ban asprin? Should all medications that can cause a dangerous allergic reaction in a small percentage of the population be taken off the market? Should surgeries be done without anesthesia because her father died from anesthesia? Should women die of cervical cancer because there might be some complication found at a later date? Just where do you stop?

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Just to clarify about PP and their circumcision info -- it's usually for men, not for parents making decisions about babies. I know this only because I have worked for PP. NO pp in the US offers prenatal care nor does ANY pp do family practice/pediatrics -- again, I know this only because I worked at the one PP clinic in the land that did, and we had to shut down that side of our practice over two years ago. Individual PP affiliates don't make enough money to cover obstetrical liability insurance, is what it boils down to -- and most insurance companies refused to offer us policies anyway. PPFA would love to extend services nationally to women who are continuing their pregnancies, but US medical-practice costs being what they are and insurance companies being wimps, it's just not happening. We cried when we lost the ability to provide this care, and worst of all, the insurance company cut coverage without warning, forcing many of our clients into new care late in their pregnancies.

Information about circ that PP typically provides is regarding men (or adolescents) - that is, people who have already been circumcised (or not). So when someone suggested calling local PPs and asking what info they give out about infant circ -- well, they don't usually stock it because infant care is not within their scope of practice.

That said, obviously it's coming up at least somewhat because the vice-president of medical affairs is addressing it. Reading the page though I see that this is not an official PPFA statement of policy -- it's a health Q&A weekly article. The quotes from the TeenWire site are, I think, intended less to get young men thinking about their future sons and more to reassure them that they're not freaks, whether intact or cut.

I know this sounds maybe a little dramatic or even defensive. I guess I get my buttons pushed a little when people even hint that PP should be doing more involving the "parenthood" part of its name, because I worked at the clinic that *did* do more, and did that "more" for five years.
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Since the subtle hints are being ignored: Can we please take the O/T discussions elsewhere? Or start a new post for those that are interested.

I'm frankly surprised that people on this board cannot see the parallels between vaccinations and circumcision, but can we stay on topic? Or start your own thread?? I'd be interested in learning more about this... BUT not on this PP thread.

As for the suggestion that pp shoudl take on this issue or issue related to parenthood--- no they just need to correct their frickin website.


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Originally Posted by SneakyPie
The quotes from the TeenWire site are, I think, intended less to get young men thinking about their future sons and more to reassure them that they're not freaks, whether intact or cut.
If you tell a young man that it is NORMAL and no big deal to be circumcised then you are indeed planting the seed for him to circumcise without thought when he has a son. It's the same thing as telling a pregnant woman that it doesn't matter which way she chooses because it's personal preference. I can see you think PP is a fantastic organization and I couldn't disagree with you more on all levels. However, if we remove all other issues from the thread and focus simply on what is being said on PP websites about circumcised males and RIC, I don't see how you can defend their position.


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Originally Posted by eightyferrettoes
Though, I gotta say, you know, PP also does stuff that isn't related to that dreadful-word-which-shall-not-be-mentioned-at-MDC, and they do it on a sliding fee scale.
Not here, there is no state funding for PP in the state of MO, to even get a PG test is $26, so unless you have health insurance, it costs way too much to go there.

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Originally Posted by jessjgh1
So back to original point. First post thought PP seemed pro-intact. Can we all agree that PP actual statement is biased towards pro-circ now that the whole statement has been posted- and other information on their website has been brough forward?

What's the most effective way to reach them?

I'm not skeptical of PP... but I'm skeptical of any statement regarding circumcision.... it took me about 1/2 a second to read the statement and see the word cultural and realize that the statement needed to be scrutinized.

Whatever our personal opinions are about PP, it is a fact that they serve a large number of women and men. In many communities they represent the only reproductive care that is available to people that don't have the money or insurance to go to a doctor.

If they are going to have information about circumcision on their websites, it better be accurate- and it is not. I would be surprised and angry if they would not, at the very least, be willing to change their wording to a more neutral/unbiased case-- and I can be hopeful that PP would decide to promote a more progressive pro-intact pov.
I emailed them.

IMO others should do the same, I am not keen on looking like a lone nutcase!
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Whew! That took a while to read this whole thread, and it's been interesting! I have my own personal issues with PP due to my personal experience, but it looks to me as if they have taken a first good step (albeit a baby step, but hey it's a start). Due to my issues, I have stayed away from all interaction with anything PP related, but I think with this I'll bite the bullet and send them an email.
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