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Originally Posted by ConfusedPrincess
I mean was every man in the world actually consulted for that info.?
Why yes, exactly. Some dude went door to door with a notebook and a pen and asked every man in the entire world to drop his drawers so he could check whether they were intact.

Sorry, couldn't resist.


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What absolutely makes me angry - yes, angry, is the *demand* to somehow prove how many men in the world are intact + the OP's claim that Europe circumcises. Shows how deep the practise of circumcision is sunken to American minds.

It seems to impossible for OP to understand that for the most part of the world circumcision is similar non-issue than FGM. People do not think about it, many do not even know about it, medical community regards it as bad as FGM....I know you still lurk there so coul you please at least send me PM and let me know from where these circumcised men are coming and how did you find out that they are circumcised.

Unless all the European men you met were jewish/muslim/OLD british royalty(Princess Diana stopped that practise, her sons are intact)you claim is as ridiculous as me claiming that FGM is practised in USA.
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