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View Poll Results: What age(s) did you, your significant other, your children, naturally retract?
By age 1 8 57.14%
By age 2 11 78.57%
By age 3 22 100.00%
By age 4 24 100.00%
By age 6 14 100.00%
By age 8 5 35.71%
By age 10 2 14.29%
By age 12 6 42.86%
By age 14 4 28.57%
By age 16 8 57.14%
By age 18 3 21.43%
Not yet (give ages in post, please!) 126 100.00%
Retracted non-surgically post puberty (age please!) 0 0%
Circumcised for 'phimosis' (ditto!) 4 28.57%
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The Case Against Circumcision > A poll: retraction
TigerTail's Avatar TigerTail 01:09 PM 10-02-2006
For parents of intact boys, & intact (or formerly intact : men)

I'm curious, with the nonsense doctors spew about things like 'all boys are retractile by 3' etc. I hear other parents of boys the age of mine (5 & 4) that aren't even close to retracting here all the time. In fact, I'd say from anecdote that we are a majority.

(Where ARE these kids that retract naturally at 9 months? Frankly, you'd have to rip my kids' foreskins off to forcibly retract them, & by this age they'd protest like hell & probably bite your hand off if you tried- with my blessing .)

I think- I am postulating- that all this early retractile stuff is just twaddle (as MT would say in Vax ).

mama_at_home's Avatar mama_at_home 01:19 PM 10-02-2006
My son is only 9 months old and nowhere near retracting.
sandals's Avatar sandals 01:22 PM 10-02-2006
Where ARE these kids that retract naturally at 9 months?
Probably hanging out with the kids that self wean at 9 months
TigerTail's Avatar TigerTail 01:23 PM 10-02-2006
Sorry gemelos, kids got me busy in the middle of setting up my poll! You can go back & vote.

I may just keep this thing bumped like a sticky. I want to see some NUMBERS the next time some lameass Dr suggests they ought to be retractile by age x, kwim?
dynamohumm6's Avatar dynamohumm6 01:24 PM 10-02-2006
You know, I have absolutely no idea if my ds (almost 16 ms) is "retractible" (is that a word? ...he's teething, so I'm a zombie right now) or not. It's not exactly something I "test out", you know?

I figure:
1. if he's peeing fine, and there's no outward sign of something wrong, it makes no difference what his foreskin is doing

2. if, later in his life, he's NOT retracting and it was causing him discomfort or whatever, I would hope he would mention this to dh or myself.

I'm slightly curious to see what his dr's reaction will be as he gets older. When I interviewed their office (my GP), they seemed very supportive of non-circ. But then at his 4 month (I think?) appt, she tried to retract him (I did stop her before she did anything). She's never tried it since, but I'm half expecting her to start in with the circ propaganda as he gets older and "should be" retracting.
TigerTail's Avatar TigerTail 01:24 PM 10-02-2006
PS If I wasn't clear, my nearly 6 yr old & 4 yr old are not even close.
paxye's Avatar paxye 01:28 PM 10-02-2006
My boys are 2 and 4 and neither have retracted yet...
dynamohumm6's Avatar dynamohumm6 01:31 PM 10-02-2006
Ah, it occurred to me that I would be able to tell if he was retractible because he would be doing it himself. : Sorry, like I said, sleepy!!

So my answer is no, he's not.
/waiting for my $tarbuck$ to kick in
TigerTail's Avatar TigerTail 01:40 PM 10-02-2006
Yes, I am mid-coffee, which is one reason it took me so long to set up the poll . (I only wish it was Starbucks).

I think this is a big scam, a myth! And I want to prove it- it may be unpublishable anecdotes, but all I want is enough reliable unpublishable anecdotes to give people PAUSE when the Dr says, "OK, he's 2 & he's not retracting, what are we gonna do about it?"

(If the kind of studies that say all these kids are retracting by 2 are publishable, I'd have to say the criteria for publishing is OFF, by word-of-mouth evidence & the common sense conclusions one can derive from what I'm hearing... What I'm thinking is "Yes, they are all retracting- because we retracted them". I'm deeply suspicious of what they are calling scientific method, if their results are so far from what I see as reality.)
nd_deadhead's Avatar nd_deadhead 01:49 PM 10-02-2006
I could only vote once, but both my sons could retract by age 3 or 4 (I voted 4).

They're 12 now - I can't remember that far back!
babygrant's Avatar babygrant 01:54 PM 10-02-2006
my son turned 3 yesterday and he can almost fully retract. there is just a tiny piece still fused (?). i know this because he always shows me when hes in the bath

my 11 m/o, obviously not but i wouldnt even know because hes never been retracted.
Tinijocaro's Avatar Tinijocaro 01:55 PM 10-02-2006
Younger ds was about 3, older ds was 11. I was told he would need to be circumcised if he didn't retract by age 7.
Pandora114's Avatar Pandora114 02:01 PM 10-02-2006
You forgot the option of "Forcibly retracted and kept going with the retraction"

My DH was forcibly retracted at birth by the nurses, and his mother was told that he had to be retracted and cleaned at each diaper change and bath. That's the information they had in 1978 Quebec....that's what my MIL did. I consider my DH darned lucky that he didn't get infected and circed at a later age due to improper (Yet proper for the time) care instructions....

Of course when he was 16, the dingus took a bet to stick his penis in a bottle of windex...

He said it felt like burning..I'd imagine...
annethcz's Avatar annethcz 02:21 PM 10-02-2006
My boys, ages 6 and 5, do not retract yet.
LavenderMae's Avatar LavenderMae 02:24 PM 10-02-2006
My little guy is 5 and doesn't retract yet.
Periwinkle's Avatar Periwinkle 02:29 PM 10-02-2006
Originally Posted by dynamohumm6 View Post
You know, I have absolutely no idea if my ds (almost 16 ms) is "retractible" (is that a word? ...he's teething, so I'm a zombie right now) or not. It's not exactly something I "test out", you know?

I figure:
1. if he's peeing fine, and there's no outward sign of something wrong, it makes no difference what his foreskin is doing

2. if, later in his life, he's NOT retracting and it was causing him discomfort or whatever, I would hope he would mention this to dh or myself.

Sums up my thoughts exactly. My ds is 19 mos.
TigerTail's Avatar TigerTail 02:31 PM 10-02-2006
Sorry Pandy; I didn't mean to exclude your dh; I was just wondering about natural retractions. I KNOW that people do this to kids from inaccurate information (& I want it to stop ) Hence the poll.
**guest**'s Avatar **guest** 02:45 PM 10-02-2006
Ds is almost 4 and not retracted.
Sharlla's Avatar Sharlla 02:46 PM 10-02-2006
OMG it's so funny that this thread came up. Just yesterday my SIL told me how her DR retracted her 2 month old son and told her to do the same at every diaper change I totally freaked and told her never to do that. I thought that she knew? OMG it was terrible how she described how he pushed the forskind down forcefully with his thumbs.

Of course my stupid MIL heard all this and told me that the DR knows best and he's the one who's been to medical school and she'll believe him over stuff on the interenet. Then goes on to tell me how my son was infected down there because he wasn't retracted and of course I had to tell her for the millionth time that no, he was not infected Sometimes I can't stand my MIL :
TigerTail's Avatar TigerTail 02:50 PM 10-02-2006
OK , Seventy-one people have viewed this poll & there are not seventy-one votes. Vote, people! (It's private; neither I nor anyone else can see who voted what.)

(Scary thought; maybe so many people it's not applicable for, even here? )
Eman'smom's Avatar Eman'smom 02:50 PM 10-02-2006
Ds is 5.5, last time I saw which was a few months ago he was almost fully retracted, so I voted age 6.
Past_VNE's Avatar Past_VNE 03:03 PM 10-02-2006
DS is 21 months old and retracts about 5/8, I'd say. (i.e. a little more than halfway) He pulls his foreskin back regularly (diaperfree here lots!) and you can see where the synechia (sp?) is still there when he hits the stopping point.
hakunangovi 03:11 PM 10-02-2006
Good idea Tigertail !!

This is a real horror story - DS was born 24 years ago, and we were instructed to retract gently at each bath (Sure wish we had known then what I know now). By 1 the meatus was visible, by 5 he was about 3/4 retractable, with the remaining bit still adhering to the glans. At 7 he got a little slit in his foreskin when he retracted it so we told him not to retract any more (new Dr's advice). At 11 he got an infection which cleared up right away with antibiotics, but it was discovered that his foreskin was now tight like a newborn's. The urologist said he must be circumcised. I countered with some info gathered through NOCIRC (no internet then), but he got mad and walked out. DW wanted this 'problem' fixed, and he was ultimately circumcised. I have apologised to him many times, and he is O.K. with it. That is why I voted "circumcised for phimosis".

All our nephews are intact, as are 3 BILs. I do know one nephew suddenly became retractile at age 12. Another one was basicaly retractile but still had a small part of his foreskin attached to the glans until 16. I have asked one BIL when he became retractile, and he does not remember.
Katerz2u's Avatar Katerz2u 03:11 PM 10-02-2006
DS1 is 3.5 and not anywhere near retractable.
blsilva's Avatar blsilva 03:12 PM 10-02-2006
My ds is 4.5, and I have noticed that he can partially retract it, but not fully yet. Not for lack of trying on his part though...
mamato2boys's Avatar mamato2boys 03:24 PM 10-02-2006
9yo-not fully retractable

4yo-not much different than at birth

3yo-not fully retractable, although his is just about there. He spent a lot more time diaper free than my other boys.
Robin926's Avatar Robin926 03:24 PM 10-02-2006
DS just turned two, and he's not retractible yet. We're sorta halfway potty learning though so he's constantly naked, and he's giving it all he's got. It kinda freaked me out the other day when he was playing around with his penis to the point of erection, and then yanked back on the foreskin. I wanted to wince! But it only moved back enough that the overhang sorta went up onto the shaft; it was still fused to the glans.
urchin_grey's Avatar urchin_grey 03:25 PM 10-02-2006
DS will be 17mo in 2 days and is not retractable. I don't know anyone else that is intact so I don't have any other experiences or stories .
Lila's Avatar Lila 03:25 PM 10-02-2006
DS has not yet been born. I didn't vote, but looked b/c I'm curious. Thanks for sharing.
TigerTail's Avatar TigerTail 03:31 PM 10-02-2006
Originally Posted by Lila View Post
DS has not yet been born. I didn't vote, but looked b/c I'm curious.
Well, it's a poll with no close date, & I am going to keep bumping, so just get back to us in a few years to a decade or more.

Seriously, though. I think this is going to be a valuable resource (I've seen polls before, but limited in time & scope- I really want some numbers for people to reference and reassure themselves, their doctors, their sons, THEMSELVES- that this is normal).
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