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Hello, I don't really have anyone to talk to about this because I don't know anyone irl with an intact son (go figure). Anyway, I've heard that ballooning of the foreskin is its natural way of preparing to separate from the glans. But my ds is only 3 weeks old and his foreskin balloons out several times a day. Is this normal? I wouldn't dare ask the ped because I'm pretty sure I know what his advice would be

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When babies are born, the foreskin is usually attached (fused) to the glans and the opening at the tip, the preputial sphincter, is snug like a purse-string dilating only enough to let a stream of urine out while keeping foreign material out. Often times the foreskin starts to separate while the opening at the tip is still protectively tight, causing the foreskin to "balloon" for a few seconds during urination. You're baby is a bit on the young side for ballooning, but it's still totally normal and urine is sterile so it's nothing to worry about.


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I've seen many times (even from supposedly intact-friendly sources) that ballooning is a sign that the foreskin is becoming too small for the flow of urine and that it's grounds for circumcision. This is, of course, RUBBISH! Ballooning is a perfectly normal stage in the development of an intact boy. It actually helps rinse out the smegma that accumulates in the spaces where the foreskin has separated before it's retractable.

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DS has balooned every now and again even though he is still a baby. I've never thought that much about it.

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Some boys may from birth have ballooning it may tighten back down or it may not either way it is normal. Like a pp mentioed urine is sterile so it isnt a big deal if it stays under there.

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Ballooning happens at a different age for all boys. In some cases it does happen much earlier or later than you might expect. It is all within the realm of normal and the important thing to know is that nature takes a different course for every humanbeing. When full separation occurs down the road, it will disappear....

not to worry.
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Yeah, it's normal. My younger guy has ballooned since birth but my older guy I didn't notice any ballooning until he was about 3 and a half. Nothing to worry about Momma!

Take care,

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*whew* You scared me there for a minute, Mink!
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