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Nitenites's Avatar Nitenites 08:53 PM 06-08-2003
I have two sons - one is cirumcised, one is intact. When my first son was born, we (dh & I) didn't give it a second thought. It was just what parents did when they had a baby boy, and since "boys are supposed to look like their fathers", we had him circumcised.
As I grew into parenthood, I learned a lot - as any first time parent does. When dh and I decided to have a second child, we decided to do some things differently. Thanks to this forum, I started questioning our choice to circ our firstborn. I read the archives, read posts here, read articles and studies, and educated myself. DH & I had several heart-to-heart talks about it, and he came to see my point of view. We decided not to circ our second child.
We chose a med-free birth, and things went well. Luke's first night was a little rough: he was very awake and a bit fussy. I chalked his wakefulness up to the abscence of drugs in his system, ignoring the nagging feeling that something wasn't right. The next day during his newborn examination, his pediatrician pointed out that one of his testicles was hard, and scheduled an ultrasound. The results were alarming. Blood flow to one testicle was compromised, and immediate surgery at the nearby children's hospital was scheduled to try to save the testicle. As I handed my precious new baby over to the doctors, I swallowed my tears and hoped for the best. Here was the very thing that we wanted to avoid - drugs, and someone cutting into my son's tiny little body! The urologist gave us a quick review of the procedure, and asked us if during the procedure we would like to circumcise. Our quick and vehement, "No!" brought a reassuring smile and nod from the doctor, and he responded, "Good!"
Unfortunately, the testicle had twisted 720 degrees, blood flow had been lost, and it had to be removed because the tissue was dead. Fortunately, the same had not happened to the other testicle. The urologist wasn't able to give us an answer when we asked what had caused the testicular torsion.
I'm just so very thankful that I found this board. I can't imagine how traumatic it would have been for my precious boy to have had to recover from one neccessary painful surgery and one unneccessary painful surgery.
Please know that by having these discussions and sharing your knowledge, you are making a difference, and it is appreciated!

Xenogenesis's Avatar Xenogenesis 11:05 PM 06-08-2003
Please know that by having these discussions and sharing your knowledge, you are making a difference, and it is appreciated!
I am so glad this board has made a difference in your life !! We are here to share knowledge and find real solutions to doctors who are too swift with circumcising and refuse to help educate parents about the topic as is recommended by their own association. I'm so sorry to hear about your son. <cyber-hugs to you and him>
Frankly Speaking's Avatar Frankly Speaking 04:33 PM 06-09-2003
Thanks for the pat on the back. It's the only payment we get and it is appreciated.