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LauraPad's Avatar LauraPad 03:19 PM 06-24-2003
Hello all! I have been a Mothering reader for several years now after the birth of my first child. I am now expecting a second son in July and after much research, have decided very strongly against circumcision and am only saddened that I was so uninformed with my first son. I have now convinced my mother against the mutilation, but her only concern is the natural retraction of the foreskin. She's still concerned that for some reason, there are going to be problems with this and since those individuals I know who haven't circ'd have small children, I can't provide her with a good example of long-term success. Any suggestions or experience stories would be fantastic!!

hvl25's Avatar hvl25 03:35 PM 06-24-2003
the only thing i can say is check the archives and I have a 9yo and a 4yo sons and neither is circ'd and we have had no problems at all. I know others here will have great links for you. You made a great decision.
MamaChel's Avatar MamaChel 05:06 PM 06-24-2003
Does this count? My dh is 36 years old, uncirced and has never had any problems. Is that long term success?

Ilaria's Avatar Ilaria 05:10 PM 06-24-2003
Hmm...well, I'm from Italy, so my brother, my father, my cousins, my friends, my boyfriends and about 30 millions of Italian males are intact and I've never heard of a problem of any kind-not on the news not through word of mouth...does that count for anything?

You've made a decision you won't regret!
MelissaEvans's Avatar MelissaEvans 05:11 PM 06-24-2003
Well, not an individual story, but the world at large seems to be fine with foreskins. Would numbers indicating that we're the only country who does this to our baby boys be of significance? Or reminding her that God/Evolution gave it to him and he/it knows better than we do?

Congratulations and good luck!
Xenogenesis's Avatar Xenogenesis 06:03 PM 06-26-2003
Here is an interesting article to print for your information.

"There is no reason for parents, physicians, or other caregivers to manipulate a child's penis. The only person to retract a child's foreskin should be the child himself, when he has discovered that his foreskin is ready to retract."

earthmama007's Avatar earthmama007 05:05 PM 06-27-2003
My BIL is the only one that is intact out of the three brothers. I only know this because he and my SIL told me. :LOL They told me about this before I married into the family. Me being the mainstreamed I was, at the time, was shocked. I thought everyone was circd'. So back on topic, he will be 31 this year and he has never had any problems. They also have an uncle who is in his 50's and no prblems. We now have four people in the family, that I know of, that are intact including my son and his cousin, who is almost two. I am sure they will be perfect as well.
Jellybean's Avatar Jellybean 08:38 PM 06-27-2003
My husband is 35 and has never had a problem. Nothing. And he was adamant that our son would remain intact, too. I guess those that have a foreskin know what would be missing if it were removed.
Xenogenesis's Avatar Xenogenesis 10:02 PM 06-27-2003
On the flip-sde, those that have been circumcised DO NOT KNOW WHAT IS MISSING.

How could they know what a foreskin is all about .....
LauraPad's Avatar LauraPad 12:23 AM 06-28-2003
Thanks gals! This is all great information...I have to tell you, I feel so great about this decision because IT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE!! Thanks for your support - and success stories.
Frankly Speaking's Avatar Frankly Speaking 11:42 AM 06-28-2003
I have a 74 year old Uncle, an 82 year old neighbor and a 76 year old acquaintance. Both the Uncle and neighbor are still sexually active and the acquaintance was until he was widowed 2 years ago. They never had a problem and are very happy to have all of their parts. Is that long term enough?

Miss Kitty's Avatar Miss Kitty 11:47 AM 06-28-2003
DH is 55, intact and never had a problem a day in his life!
MySingingBaby's Avatar MySingingBaby 10:31 PM 06-30-2003
This is my first post in this forum I've never thought about circumcision until I moved to the States and became pregnant. From where I came from (Asia), circumcision is not performed on babies. It's not a topic discussed among pregnant women. So I assume the majority of the men in my country are intact and I've never heard of any problem related to this. I'm sure you're making the best decision for your baby!!

Congratulations and good luck!!
earthmama007's Avatar earthmama007 10:48 PM 06-30-2003
MySingingBaby~ Welcome! I am in Hawaii. We have a Japanese channel on the local TV stations. Well, I was watching this talk show . (of course, I didn't know what they were saying) but it caught my eye because it was these two men trying to help run a daycare in their town or something. Anyhoo, they were playing, reading, and changing the diapers etc. And you know what is so cool? They used cloth only, and the two baby boys they showed were not circucised. I just thought that was so cool. Oh yeah, and they have a washing station outside for all the cloth dipes. It was funny to see the men helping wash out all the poo. :LOL
nomadic's Avatar nomadic 11:59 AM 07-01-2003
I have to add my voice to Ilaria's and MySingingBaby's.. I come from New Zealand and I have never heard of ANYONE, baby, child or adult, having an infection or any sort of problem resulting from having a foreskin.
I've also lived in the UK and Australia and never heard of anything like that there either.

I would guess that the problems intact males seem to have here in America must stem mainly from inappropriate care (like forcible retraction).