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somemama's Avatar somemama 02:08 AM 06-27-2003
The other day I was wrapping up What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Circumcision as a gift. My 6 yo. dd asked, "That's a COPY, right?" I said yes, and asked her why.
She replied, "we need to keep our copy, so, in case you have another boy, you'll know not to circumcise him, too."

Then today dh said to ds, "Guardian Intacto!" When I gave dh a funny look, he explained that he put an "intact charm" on ds, so that ds will always be intact. No wonder I love the guy!

(Harry Potter is big in our house right now, if you couldn't tell!)

Xenogenesis's Avatar Xenogenesis 04:54 AM 06-27-2003
I just love your dd's comment. Kids are so sweet.

ps. Oh and dh's comment too...

Christy1980's Avatar Christy1980 11:31 PM 06-27-2003

too cute!